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2017 March Madness – Bracketology Update #2

We’re just a month or so away from the NCAA Tournament, and that means for the first time all year, Bracketology Projections are actually relevant. I’ve been doing Bracketology for five years now, and if you’re wondering why my word is as good as many so-called experts, here’s the proof – I’ve been improving steadily each year, meaning that I’m getting an increasingly solid feel for what the Selection Committee is valuing. Last year on the morning of Selection Sunday, I correctly picked 63 of the 68 teams in the field, and 56 of those teams were seeded correctly or just one line off. In comparison, ESPN nailed 65 of the 68 teams in the field last year. I’m coming for ya Joe Lunardi!

#1 Seeds: Villanova (East), Baylor (South), Kansas (Midwest), Gonzaga (West)

Last Four Byes: Michigan State, TCU, Michigan, Marquette

Last Four In: Seton Hall, Kansas State, Syracuse, Georgetown

First Four Out: Clemson, Wake Forest, Illinois State, Georgia Tech

Next Four Out: Indiana, Texas Tech, Georgia, Providence

Auto-Bids in CAPS

17 MM-1

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