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PCS Interview With Popular Model Anastasia Kvitko


Image courtesy of Anastasia Kvitko’s (also spelled Anastasiya Kvitko) Instagram page.

Anastasia Kvitko recently took out some time to join Pop Culture Spin for an interview. She’s a popular model from Russia who has seen her social media following explode in recent times. Her fist name can also be found online spelled as Anastasiya, but I was told the correct form is the spelling in the title. She has nearly two million followers on Instagram as of this writing. Read our Q&A below and check Anastasia’s Instagram if you’re looking for a growing modeling figure to follow.

I first inquired about her background – how she got her start and if she ever intended to become a major model.

“I didn’t have a intention to be a model, and never thought about that because model business in Russia where I was born is closed, to be a model you have to be tall and thin, but I am not so tall and not thin, but with good shapes. I just used to like making photos of myself, and now I do it for commercial.”

She went on to discuss motivations as to why she entered this profession and what its been like becoming popular on social media.

“My Instagram account has grown very fast. I registered in Instagram in August last year and now I have 1.9m followers. Answer on your question – why – I think besides my forms and shapes, I have a sight that makes men crazy. What is more – I could say from my comments – many people say that I’m real, not fake. That is to say they appreciated it. What is more, many girls use some programs like Photoshop to be more attractive, but I don’t use – my videos are proof to that.”

I’m always curious how people respond to major success and popularity. I asked Anastasia if life has changed, if people have treated her differently, since she’s gotten big. That and what kind of model she sees herself as.

“The life now is the same as it was, but I have less time because there are many things to do. These are events, shootouts, promoworks. Honestly, I try to experiment, because I have to be comprehensive (versatile) as a model. Furthermore, every photographer has his own vision of me, and has different style. It becomes very interesting when I look on outcomes of photographers. Different people – different works. Happily, often I receive more proposes to participate that I like.”

Since Anastasia has done work both in Russia and here in America, I wanted to hear about the differences between these places. With that, my next question was about if working internationally has helped her platform.

“The main difference is attitude towards work and approach to work process, besides that there are many very talented photographers in Russia too. Yes, working internationally has helped build my career. It has a few advantages. Firstly, I get much more followers after visiting a new country with local professional photographers and professionals from the beauty industry, and then posting photos with the local mark. Secondly, it has an opportunity, as it says in Russia, to combine enjoyable with useful. I’m fond of traveling. Thus, I combine travel with work.

In closing, I asked Anastasia about any upcoming projects or events here in 2016.

“It’s hard to say exactly something because, now many arranged events, business meetings and shoutouts are coming. I could say only – you will see. But I could say one event – it would be my meeting with my fans. I’ll organize it in the next month and will choose the city later.

To anyone looking to follow Anastasia, you can through here:
Instagram – @anastasiya_kvitko Twitter – @JustKvitko

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