Julie Meka Talks Modeling & Photography in Pop Culture Spin Interview

Julie Meka is a popular model and photographer with a vibe that will certainly linger in your brain. I find those who both model and snap the pictures of other models such as Julie to be interesting given their wide ranging perspective on the camera’s power. She is the latest individual nice enough to join me for a Pop Culture Spin interview – peep it below and check out Julie on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Julie, thank you for talking about your career with us at Pop Culture Spin. To begin, where are you from and where are you based these days?
Julie: I was born in Rhode Island, but most of my life I grew up in Nashville, TN. Currently I am in Las Vegas, Nevada.

PCS: How would you describe your work ethic and the components that allow you to be successful in your creative fields?
Julie: I always say, regardless of what job I am given I always give it a 150%. I’m very big on customer service, you never know who you may run into or what opportunity that may be given.

PCS: Was modeling a lifelong interest of yours or something that you came across later in life?
Julie: It wasn’t actually an interest, it was kind of an accident lol, that’s what happens when you have photographer friends lol. Then I had so many photos I just ended up creating a model mayhem and then I got to shoot with multiple photographers from all over.

PCS: What do you feel are the most important needs for making a photo shoot stand out as special?
Julie: THE PHOTOGRAPHER, I’m very particular with who I shoot with. Their style of shooting and editing.

PCS: I know experienced models can still be nervous and newer ones might have no nerves at all, seems to just depend on the person. Are you ever nervous/anxious prior to a shoot or not at all?
Julie: Never nervous, it’s all about having fun!

PCS: You’ve ventured into photography work as well. To this point, how have you liked the experience of being on the other end of the camera?
Julie: I love it! Especially being a female photographer, girls are much more comfortable with me. But I’m really good about directing poses, if their hair isn’t placed correctly, look on their face. A lot of photographers don’t do that. If the photo first comes out perfect that’s less editing for me.

PCS: Are there any aspects that are either much easier or more difficult when it comes to taking a photo rather than having the photo taken of yourself?
Julie: It’s easier because I am in control of the camera. Being in front of the camera you just don’t know exactly how you look.

PCS: Is continuing to work and grow as a photographer something that’s in your long term plans?
Julie: It is! I am so new to it. But very eager to learn more. And it feels good to make people look beautiful. A lot of the girls I’ve shot so far don’t model, and don’t really do make up. I do that for them. It’s an art and people love seeing photos of them who aren’t really them. Acting pretty much.

PCS: When you’re not working, what kind of activities are you the most likely to be doing?
Julie: I cook, a lot. I am not afraid to cook all types of food. Pretty much I am always watching the Food Network.

PCS: Do you have anything exciting lined up here in 2016 that you’d like to mention to your followers?
Julie: Hmm…. I do but I don’t but let’s just say it may premier on E! Just waiting to film the pilot.

PCS: Thank you again for this Q&A with PCS. In closing, where can those interested connect with you online?
Julie: You can reach me on my email [email protected] or follow me on my Instagram : @julie.meka

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