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Savannah Rose Interview – Talking Makeup Artistry, Work Habits, & Personal Background


Image courtesy of Savannah Rose.

Savannah Rose is a gifted makeup artist who was nice enough to join me on behalf of Hardwood and Hollywood for an interview. Our Q&A ranged from her personal background, how she entered the makeup world, the power of social media, and more. Be sure to follow Savannah on Instagram after you complete reading the interview and support her career moving forward.

H&H: Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with Hardwood and Hollywood. To begin our Q&A, where are you from and how did you get into the makeup artist profession?
Savannah: I’m from the South Coast of Australia, I absolutely LOVED Olivia the makeup artist from Jerseylicious, I would watch that tv show religiously, she was my idol! I left school when I was 16 to travel hours away by public transport to attend my makeup academy, there were only 8 of us in the class and it was very hands on! I loved it!

H&H: During your youth or teenage years, when did you first begin having an interest in the makeup and beauty world?
Savannah: I remember being in high school and I’d always take things from my mum’s makeup bag and put them on my face, not knowing how to apply anything properly, I’d just go with it! I would apply foundation that wasn’t even my colour, layers of mascara and thick black liner on the water line! It was not a good look! lol!!

H&H: Have you mostly been self-taught in this profession or were there others along the way who helped shape your skills?
Savannah: I have done quite a few makeup courses and lessons which have taught me a lot but I feel as if most of my skills have come from practice, trial and error, learning from my mistakes and improving over the years.

H&H: What would you say makes you unique as an artist?
Savannah: I’m not afraid to try new looks/colours or trends on clients! I think most makeup artist’s like to “play it safe”.

H&H: I imagine it’s empowering to help others feel beautiful and comfortable in their appearance. Is this one of the most rewarding aspects of your work?
Savannah: Making others feel good about themselves makes me feel good in return, it’s definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of my work, a touch of makeup is all it takes for a bit of a confidence boost!

H&H: Does your makeup application approach change on a client to client basis or are certain techniques beneficial on everyone?
Savannah: Makeup isn’t really a “one size fits all” – everyone has different face shapes, skin tones, features, eye shapes etc. I definitely tweak my makeup approach to suit each client.

H&H: What’s the nicest compliment or piece of feedback that you’ve ever received for your work?
Savannah: I’ve had a bride who sent me flowers, chocolates and a thank you card after how happy she was with her wedding makeup, I was so happy! It definitely made me feel as if my work was appreciated!

H&H: Are there any innovative or new trends emerging in the makeup world or do things usually remain constant without changing?
Savannah: Oh my god! It’s SO HARD to keep up! Especially on social media, people are always trying new crazy makeup trends, contouring with food? House hold objects? And now fidget spinners! There’s always a new trend happening!

H&H: Has having a website and a social media platform benefited you at all in terms of exposure and building support?
Savannah: Yep! Social media has definitely gotten my name out there, in fact, it’s where most of my bookings have come from!

H&H: What tips can you suggest for those hoping to improve their appearance through makeup application but are unsure of how to begin?
Savannah: A few basic tips I have would be foundation wise, if you aren’t familiar with makeup it’s definitely ideal to go to a makeup counter and get colour matched to make sure you’re using the right shade. When applying false lashes, WAIT until the glue has almost completely dried/ gotten tacky before trying to put them on as the wet glue isn’t going to stick and will make application harder.

H&H: Outside of your career, what other hobbies or interests do you have?
Savannah: Does Netflix count as a hobby? lol! I love chucking my pj’s on after a long day and watching countless amounts of tv shows, as well as online shopping. I do try and work out a few times a week just doing basic cardio or going for a morning walk!

H&H: Thank you once again for your time on this Q&A. To end our interview, where can the readers out there find you on social media?
Savannah: Come join me on Instagram! @Savannahrosemakeupartistry

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Snapchat- Savannah.kyri

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