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Sandy Dover serves as Managing Partner and Editor-at-Large of Hardwood & Hollywood, which is a content partner with Complex Networks. With the consolidation of his executive and editorial roles as Senior Editor, Leadership Board Member, and Equity Partner of H&H, Sandy has his hands in everything creative, editorial, social, and strategic for the outlet. Formerly of ESPN, SLAM, and Yahoo!, Sandy is a White House-vetted and U.S. Senate-recognized media multihyphenate with extensive, multifaceted work in communications, strategy, and marketing in boutique/startup, corporate, and nonprofit spaces throughout multiple industries, including sports and fashion.

Pop Culture Spin Managing Editor Lenny Burnham is a writer/comedian in New York City. He hosts the podcast The Filmographers.

Editor-In-Chief of Handicapping Sports and regular contributor for all Hardwood and Hollywood affiliated sites. My parents taught me never to talk to strangers, but if you ever want to engage in a friendly sports debate, you can follow or harass me on Twitter @SonnyCG.

Content from The H&H Staff!

Aaron Lanton graduated from the University of Tennessee in May 2012. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his fiance, cat and roommate where they bake cookies and reminisce on how cheap rent was in the South.

Tyler is the Editor-in-Chief for Hardwood and Hollywood's pop culture section. He has an unrelenting fascination with Lisbeth Salander and Omar Little. If you're looking to work on a writing project with Tyler or to be interviewed, reach him at [email protected]

John Anderson is a sports enthusiast who played basketball, football, rugby, soccer, and a few more obscure sports in high school. As part of his passion for all sports, John has travelled the world, playing golf in four different countries and attending the World Cup in South Africa and the Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Outside of the two large excursions, one of the highlight trips for John was a weekend trip to Chicago that involved a Bulls game on Friday night, a Blackhawks game on the Saturday and a Bears game on Sunday. It's all about the love of sport.

Dennis Velasco (AKA DV) has contributed a lot of content throughout the Internet over the past several years - SB Nation, ESPN/TrueHoop, SI, SLAM, Yahoo! Sports, BuzzFeed, and The New York Times Company among others. DV is the Publisher of Hardwood and Hollywood.

Mike spends most his time and money on movies because of his strong belief that there's more truth in fiction. In the past, he's written for the Patch and Culture Mob news websites, particularly for the arts/entertainment and sports sections. He's also a published author, and an aspiring screenwriter. Show some love or call him out:

TJ Macías is a Hardwood & Hollywood's Senior Editor, Partner, and Lead NBA, Dallas Mavericks, and Sacramento Kings Reporter. Also will only get into a fight if there's a 73% chance that it will end on top of a moving train.

Frankie serves as Hardwood & Hollywood's Editor-In-Chief/Co-Publisher, who occasionally writes things that may or may not be good. Still just a general all-round basketball obsessive compulsive enthusiast/fantasy expert in training. I have no filter.

Steven is a writer with a broken jump shot, hoping this writing thing turns out better than his JV basketball career. You can follow Steven on Twitter @StevenCovella.

Rodney “Mehka” King is an experienced entertainment journalist. His work has appeared in publications like XXL, SLAM and Hip Hop Weekly magazine. He’s also held editor positions with websites such as Hip Hop Enquirer, Yoraps!, and Hip-hop is his love, but basketball is his passion. He’s covered everything from high school standouts to professional athletes. Whether asking a hip-hop star about his or her own hoop dreams or grilling a high school All-America about how they choose their college of choice, King always finds something great about the game of basketball from any angle. When not writing or blogging for others, he’s maintaining his own websites, and Ask him anything, just don’t ask him if he’s the real Rodney King.

Drew Creasman (or DC for short) is a writer and podcaster for POP CULTURE SPIN, BMF SPORTS, and the Colorado Rockies SBNation affiliate Purple Row. He also works independently as a singer-songwriter in the Boulder and Denver areas. Drew is "analytics curious" and constantly seeks to understand as many different possible ways of looking at and understanding sports whether it be diving deep into the newest available numbers or casting them all aside for a moment and relying solely on the eyes.

Nirvan Sorooshian is a writer on the BallerMindFrame Sacramento Kings blog, contributing features, columns, and recaps on all things surrounding the Kings organization.

I like talking about "The Walking Dead" on Mondays, new music on Tuesdays, "The Mindy Project" on Wednesdays, new blockbuster films on Thursdays, "Nashville" on Fridays. It's kinda like days of the week underpants; you get the idea.

Erik Ong is a long-time NBA fan from the Philippines. He has been writing about fantasy basketball since 2007 and has written for sites such as Give Me The Rock, Sports Illustrated, Pippen Ain't Easy, and FHM. You can follow him on Twitter: @FantasyHoopla.

Piera Montenero is a lifestyle and footwear blogger, especially for sneakers and basketball performance shoes. Besides running her own blog and reviewing Sneakers on YouTube she contributes to Baller Mind Frame. Tweet her @pieraskicks.

Aspiring sports journalist, basketball and golf junkie. All-around sports fan.

Steve Kubitza grew up in Cleveland and is currently studying Sport Management at Bowling Green State University. He one day hopes to work in the basketball operations department, but in the meantime he will continue to write about the game from the comfort of his own home.

Jeanie Weber is a big fan of wasting her life away in front of screens. When she goes to movies she shows up early so as not to miss any trailers, even the ones she's already seen. Jeanie's life also used to be ruled by TV shows, as she'd lock herself in her room for hours to catch up on the 19 shows she followed (she now tries to keep it to a more manageable seven). Of course she couldn't leave it just at that, instead she's going to ruin her eyesight further by pursuing a career in writing -- books, screenplays, reviews, she's not really good at choosing just one. Needless to say Jeanie's always got her phone on hand, so be sure to follow her on Twitter (so long as you like sarcasm and pictures of cats).

Corey Bing is a young and ambitious writer opening the door to the wonderful world of basketball narrative. Security Officer by day, Grand Master social media member by night. Remember, the name's Bing, not Google.

Mike Cortez is a sports junkie that believes life and sport flow through each other. Growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey, a big hoops town, basketball has constantly been a part of his life. He writes mostly about the NBA and NFL, but has no problem giving a hot take on the MLB or MMA. You can find his work on Sidelines, Good*Fella Media, Popularium, and Fly Little Things. Follow him on Twitter @CortezEra for sports takes, memes, and everything in between.

Dalton Baggett loves sports, movies, and is a self-proclaimed nerd (although, more than a few people called him that in high school too). Pop Culture Spin is his first endeavor into the world of professional writing, but that won’t stop him from putting out interesting content and rising to Hemingway-esque greatness. He dreams of one day writing a popular novel, or maybe even a screenplay or two.

Fantasy Basketball Money Leagues, it’s where you go to win!

Jeffrey is a lifelong basketball fanatic who dominated rec leagues throughout his youth. Although he can still drop 30 points with ease, Jeffrey prefers to spend his time putting pen to paper and writing about the sport he loves. In addition to Baller Mind Frame, Jeffrey writes for the basketball site, Off The Glass, and formerly for the Bleacher Report as a sports columnist. Follow him on Twitter (@spacejamminjeff) for anything and everything basketball-related.

Die-hard sports fan turned writer. Fantasy football analyst for Former 110 Nation Sports writer. Former UFC blogger, interviewing fighters such as UFC winner Pat Walsh, and Boston's own John "Doomsday" Howard. Hot sports takes is all I know.

Marcus Bass spent the majority of his professional career as a marketing consultant for some of the most famous people in the world. One day, from sunrise to sunset, he debated NBA basketball on Facebook, much to the annoyance of his superiors. Then it dawned on him - why not share his opinions with the world? Marcus is a pro at explaining his NBA points and a trusted source of information on trades, signings and other Association-related news. Encouraged to take his knowledge and analytical prowess of the NBA, as well as his writing to the next level, Marcus covers general NBA news for Baller Mind Frame.

Zach has a business mindset mixed with a passion for writing. His Pop Culture Spin style has been influenced by Entourage, PlayStation 4 and a countless number of movies. He's proud of his Italian heritage and interested in developing his writing craft.

Sulaivany is an avid reader, professional writer, and soccer enthusiast. When he's not at his desk scribbling away, he can be found lacing his boots on the soccer pitch. Aside from a pencil in his hand, he holds an English and Professional Writing degree from York University, Toronto. His previous work has been published in MacMedia magazine where he was the Sports and Health Editor.

Bryan Brandom is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, New York. Formerly a contributing editor at, Bryan is currently an editorial assistant for Reader's Digest. His writing has also appeared on,,,, and The Daily Pygmy.

Hector Diaz lives in Los Angeles. When he's not writing, he's working on his MA in English. Follow him on Twitter @iamhectordiaz.

Jackson Rodriguez is a sophomore at Sierra College and an avid sports enthusiast. Playing soccer and basketball in high school, Rodriguez has now taken a particular interest in following the front office operations of NBA and NFL franchises. Jackson is a writer with BallerMindFrame and covers all things surrounding the Sacramento Kings organization.

Terra Jasmine Kohut is an impassioned, focused writer with an affinity for sports culture and gameplay. Throughout her journey at UCLA she discovered the ultimate form of joy in producing written analysis on all things centered around the hardwood. Since then she's expanded her pursuits and is now covering a vast array of musical works and pop culture phenomena with a viscous focus on fantasy football dominance and NBA life. She aims to always provide readers with an entertaining, highly colorful perspective that leaves nothing to be desired in the realm of entertainment and electric energy. Follow the fiery Terra T-Killa Kohut on Twitter @DiamondHammer.

From his younger days in Westhampton Beach, NY to his current South Florida life, Dan Tria takes sports way too seriously. Baseball, Basketball, and Boxing are his passions. He loves hearing from readers so send e-mails ([email protected])

King Harrison is a New York City native, who has contributed to FOX Sports and COMPLEX through his work with Baller Mind Frame. His on-camera escapades include interviewing New York Knicks fans disgruntled and demonstrating against Jim Dolan, hip hop artists such as Troy Ave, as well as doing feature work with Bacardi and the legendary Rucker Park in Harlem, New York. He's been said to have a striking resemblance to Tyson Chandler, to which he says, "That's a compliment for both of us."

Hailing from the California Delta. Credentialed Kings Beat Writer and Warriors Contributor for Hardwood and Hollywood. Sports and Pop Culture Writer for Time Warner. Editor in Chief for the River News-Herald. Blues Guitarist. Saint Mary's College of California Graduate - Home of Olympians, NBA Champions and future Hall of Famers Patty Mills and Matthew Dellavedova.

Stephen Oby Jr. is a social worker living in Albany, NY. Follow me on Twitter (@stephenobyjr) by clicking on the icon below my picture.

Thomas Lunay has been a freelance writer for BMF since July, 2013. He is a NBA purist who enjoys studying the history of the game. He has followed Indiana basketball, on the high school, college, and NBA level for a number of decades and currently writes about the Indiana Pacers for BMF. In his free time he blogs for a Homeless ministry and works in prison re-entry in the greater Indianapolis area. He, his wife, and four children also reside in Indianapolis.

Nick Greenberg is a writer from New York City.

NBA writer from Indianapolis. Avid fan of ball movement, back-door cuts, and Norris Cole.

Natalie is a writer living and working in Hollywood. She's been analyzing the Los Angeles Lakers since she was born, and as a child would turn down the TV volume and turn up the radio to hear Chick Hearn announce games. She's been featured in the LA Times, Sports Illustrated and some others places of which you may have heard. Her favorite hobbies are playing baskeball, cooking and drinking beer.

Brandon Allen watches basketball more than any normal person should. He's a Morehouse and UCLA grad. Oh, and he will beat you in NBA 2K.

Ted Betts is a gambling man. Follow his advice at your own will, and bet responsibly!

A recent graduate in Professional Writing from the University of Houston-Downtown, Colin has been an overly-obsessed basketball fan since his earliest memories of childhood. With an interest in statistics, player personalities, and the satirical writing opportunities present in NBA coverage, Colin is focused on parlaying his love of basketball into a career in the sports writing field. For statistical analysis, random NBA musings and tweets about Bagel Bites, feel free to follow Colin on Twitter @JoeyCrawfturd (

Ken Grace is the love child of T.D. Jakes and Nene Leakes. He loves Jesus, trap music, and basketball. Currently studying The Life of Pablo to find the meaning of life. His hobbies include shade and savagery. Follow him on twitter @bruhpreacha

Armin Babazadeh brings a lifelong dedication of knowledge and passion for basketball to his publications on NBA related topics. Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, Armin now resides in Tampa and has a Masters in Accounting. Most of his experience comes in the business field but his interest in basketball propels his ambitions to analyzing issues in the NBA.

Chris lives in Toronto and is huge fan of the hometown Raptors.

Ryan Buynak is a poet and a basketball junkie.

Previously wrote for Raptors HQ. Supports selfish gunners even with it being a dying art. #FancyStats supporter in all sports, including the NBA (OffRtg and DefRtg to name a couple). I write words and hope they make me sound SMRT.

A lifelong Lakers devotee and well-practiced Kobe apologist, Eric DePriester knows all too well the highs and lows of sweet lady hoops. Bolstering his entrenched personal biases, Eric's writing experience includes time served at a Vietnamese travel guide and current music review gigs at Monster Fresh and Stereo-Man 3D.

Eric Andrews is the Featured Fantasy Basketball Columnist for Baller Mind Frame and has been playing fantasy basketball for over a quarter of a century. You can follow him on Twitter @aka_MR_FANTASY.

Lawyer turned journalist. From Australia, now in Washington D.C. Writer, broadcaster and blogger. NBA correspondent for Believe the Hype Australia. His basketball musings can be found at and

GatStevens is an occasional guest commentator on the Only the Valiant podcast.

Nick Mirin is a contributing writer at Baller Mind Frame. He does his best to hide an egregious Boston bias. Follow him on twitter @nick_mirin.

UK expat. Currently residing in Maryland, USA. Lover of all things sport from both sides of the pond.

A former 4-H kid and Fulbright Scholar, Arlo resides in Portland, Oregon where he watches basketball and writes non-generic, transfat-free, actually good, organic poetry.

Dan Rakes is new to the game, but is a hardworking individual that loves hoops!

Anthony is a native of northeastern Ohio who has spent the majority of the last decade working within sports media. Anthony’s involvement began as a sports anchor/report for an NBC affiliate. This led to a Media Relations role with a member of the arenafootball 2, which opened the door for play-by-play and co-hosting duties on an ESPN radio affiliate. Anthony misses a time when a player’s compression shorts would regularly be longer than their uniform shorts (see: Chapman, Rex).

Oliver Maroney has been a writer, columnist, and editor in the NBA for more than 5 years. Oliver has spent time with some of the NBA’s best, getting the inside track on news and information. Most recently Oliver has produced articles for C.J. McCollum, Terrence Jones, Elfrid Payton, Kristen Ledlow (NBATV Analyst, Host of Inside Stuff) and Amin Elhassan (ESPN Insider). Formerly, a featured writer for and freelance writer for various other sources, he's also had work published in the Oregonian, ESPN, NBATV,, TSN, and other nationally accredited publications. Oliver has been a staple in NBA media circles and besides writing, Maroney frequently appears on radio, television, and webcasts talking, discussing news about the National Basketball Association. He also hosts his own podcast called the K/O Show which has been featured in Toronto Sports Network on numerous occasions. You can find Oliver’s work at, and on Twitter as @OMaroney.

Graduating senior at Hampton University. Born and raised in Washington, D.C. Sports Enthusiast. Have contributed to several websites including, the{c} and

NT Maddox joined Baller Mind Frame in August 2013 and provides written commentary on the NBA from a historical perspective. He’s a native New Yorker (Harlem, NYC) that has played basketball for neighborhood recreation leagues, as well as for his high school and college teams. As a teenager, he attended well over 100 Knicks games. NT Maddox is an avid sports fan who loves basketball and chronicling the transitions that the game has made over the years. Reach me at Twitter @ntmaddox for your comments.

Jon is a college student in New York studying Business and IT. He likes coffee, traveling, books, and sports.

An active fantasy sports enthusiast since before Al Gore invented the internet, this jockstrap journalist has been kicking ass and taking names in the sports world for some time now. You may recognize his work on,, and Feel free to to follow him on Twitter - @JSJournalism.

A lifelong Sacramento Kings fan who has celebrated the really good times and suffered through the really bad ones. He has followed the league for close to thirty years and has enjoyed watching the on-court evolution of the game as well as the sophistication in off-court team management.

He was born. His parents raised him. He grew into a person who likes some things, and dislikes other things.

Kevin Armstrong grew up in the Bay Area and currently resides in Chicago, IL. He is currently awaiting the resurrection of the mid-range shot. In the meantime, he writes for Baller Mind Frame.

Ryan Keith is a writer, musician and NBA junkie currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. While he has and always will live and die with the Boston Celtics, he also holds firmly onto the opinion that, in the history of modern civilization, there's never been anyone greater at anything than Michael Jordan was at playing basketball.

I eat, sleep, and breathe sports. To me there is nothing better than sitting down and watching sports for a whole day. All my social media is cluttered with sports and entertainment. Sports is what brings the world together and keeps us from losing our minds. I'm here to entertain you with my opinions of the sports world and the facts that astonish us all.

Josh Lowery is a Dallas re-transplant who is relishing his new life not being the only Mavs fan in his acquaintance. His chief credential as a Mavericks loyalist is having witnessed, in person, one of Dallas' seven glorious home wins during the history-making 1992-1993 season.

Rob Penty is a front end web developer living in Brookly, NY. You can see him perform improv at the Magnet Theater or tell stories at Moth StorySLAMs. For more of his writing, check out

Born, but not raised, in Goldsboro, North Carolina, this slender, 6"2 hoops writer has been dedicated to the game for as long as he can remember (and his memory serves him well). Not just the game itself, but how the image of the league (and of course, the players) is perceived by both the fans and the haters breathes life into his prose. There's much to say about how the game is perceived today as opposed to the good ol' days when egos and narcissistic, megalomaniacal behavior were the exception rather than the rule.

Evan Turissini is a sophomore at Bucknell University. Originally from Winchester, Massachusetts, he is an aspiring writer, actor and comedian. He lives and dies by all things Boston sports and has a signed Brian Scalabrine poster in his closet.

Jacobs graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. He is currently a staff writer for the Afro American Newspaper, covering various sections includings Sports and Entertainment. Jacobs interned with Radio One (92.3) and The Washington Post and is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. His first love is sports; from playing on a court or field, to watching sports, to writing about sports, sports is a part of everyday life. Jacobs always has his facts straight when talking about sports because he takes an analytics approach. When Jacobs saw his first basketball game on television, it was love at first sight. The rest is history.

Jenn Santana is a writer of many sorts from the Philadelphia area. She's developed web content for various clients, as well as contributor sites, like Her most recent venture has been into short fiction, which is proving to be extraordinarily entertaining.

David is a California native, who now resides in the desert AKA. the hottest place in the US AKA the home of the Phoenix Suns AKA Arizona.

Blogger. Student. Thing-doer.

As a freelance writer for over three years, Almond has written for publications like Seattle Backpackers Magazine,, Sports Recruitment Network, The Yellow Jacket and more. To follow her personal webpage, visit

Artem is not playing in the NBA just yet, so for now he just writes about it. FUN FACTS: (1) His playground nickname is "Sabonis," earned for all of his behind-the-back passes and hook-shots and (2) read Bill Simmons' "The Book of Basketball" in three days. Check out his personal blog at

Adam Michael Levine is a diehard sports fan who specializes in the NBA. He grew up in Fairfield, CA about 45 minutes away from Sacramento. Adam is a former sports writer for The Orion out of California State University, Chico. He has been going to games since he was two years old.

Jarell McGrew lives and breathes competition. He currently lives in Chicago, IL where he surrounds himself with sports, art, music, and entertainment. Being the renaissance man that he is, photography and music production will soon be added to his repertoire of skills. He is also a contributing writer on He is anything but ordinary.

Born and bred in the Pacific Northwest where he still calls home, Patrick won his first Film Festival Award at the age of 18 for his short, “No Consent.” When he’s not working or at school, he’s writing his next short or writing comics. While his passion and admiration of all art runs deep, he truly identifies with film, comics, and music. He is a disciple of Scorsese and a regular at the church of Tarantino. The theatre is his church, the seats are his pews, the silver screen his alter, the film his homily, and the director is his preacher. You can find Patrick either at the theater, binge watching Netflix, reading the next great comic, or at his desk buried in his typewriter. He eats, sleeps, lives what he loves.

Modi (pronounced Mah-dee) is a wife, mother of 3 and avid lover of sports. When she isn't writing about cats, probiotics or all things Mommy, you can find her glued to whatever sports is on television. She has a passion for the NFL the way most women do for fashion or any of that girly nonsense that she just can't wrap her head around, because it's just not in her genetic make up to be girly. Pass her a drink, give her some wings, and turn on the NFL and she's happy.

Joe Levine is a writer living in Los Angeles. He has written for SportsGrid, Ghostwritten By Wilbon, The Pine Cone, and, of course, Bleacher Report. He has a love/hate relationship with statistics. He spent too much time on this bio.

Aron Harris was born in the home of European football, Toronto, Canada. He's a lover of the beautiful game who has written for Off The Post as well as Baller Mind Frame. He loves volleys from outside the box and hates FIFA.

Vishal Kolar is a screenwriter and film producer who has a passion for basketball.

Zac is a college student attending the University of Arkansas. Orlando Magic fan. Stan Van Gundy is his hero and Tree Rollins is his favorite all-time Magic player.

Vagas Corson is a thirty-two year old NBA blogger from Hollywood, MD. He has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) in Information Systems Management with a minor in Business Writing.

Zack Zagranis often goes by the non de plume Zee Zee Ramone in honor of one of his favorite bands of all time and his favorite member of said band. Zack has been writing most of his life, professionally for about a year, and has written for a myriad of various pop culturey type websites: Plarko, Sound On Sight, The Noobist, Down Up Right Left, Movie Pilot, and Dranky. He also writes and maintains his own BuzzFeed/clickbait parody site, He is an avid fan of all things Star Wars (yes, even the prequels), Batman, and Punk Rock. A consumer of pop culture for the last 33 years, Zack can quote the Simpsons and many other TV shows and movies with a frequency that frequently annoys his wife and amuses his children. Zack is a Sagittarius and if he had a time machine he would have a hard time deciding between going back in time to kill Hitler or going back to stop Joel Schumacher from making Batman and Robin.

Marie Heyman catches up on her TV on Saturday mornings while eating Fruit Loops. She then plays on her DS, reads some paperbacks of "Deadpool" and "Invincible Iron Man," by which point it's time to argue about women in pop culture and take a nap. She has written articles for and 140 characters under the handle @what_MH_thought. Check out her personal blog, for details on how Marie got here.

Matt is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama who now calls Philadelphia his home. He loves basketball and misses the South.

Lynn Hoppes has been covering the entertainment business for years, including major parties, movies, album releases, shoe releases and a host of others.

Ron is a first-ballot hairline hall of famer that hails from Columbus, Ohio. He writes about sports and pop culture while listening to Zaytoven master the keys to the piano. Ron also writes at The Front Office News and The Sports Fan Journal. To keep up with his shenanigans follow him on Twitter @Ron_Hamp.

Sean has been a blogger (movies, sports, politics, lifestyle) for several years now, but more importantly, he puts the "fan" in NBA fanatic.

Chicago, IL born and raised! Need to know more? I doubt it. An Irish, Polish, Lithuanian baller who has NBA three-point range. Who needs jumps when you can make it rain all day.

I love NBA basketball as well as hip hop culture, and I am constantly euro-stepping back and forth between the two. What makes a better soundtrack to a competitive playoff basketball environment than passionate gritty bars over a beat that tells a story of its own? Absolutely nothing! I am here to emphasize and celebrate the ever-shrinking gap between Hardwood and Hollywood.

Charlie is a fantasy NBA columnist on and a firm believer in the no-layup rule.

Robb Jeffries is a classic "sports geek" and a 2012 University of North Dakota journalism graduate. He paid his dues typing box scores of prep sports at the Grand Forks Herald in North Dakota before making a triumphant return to his native Twin Cities as a freelance sports journalist. If you want to give him a pat on the back or some constructive criticism in 140 characters or less, follow him on Twitter at @robbjeffries.

Working towards a BA in Business at Skidmore College, native of Queens, Steve Shaw is all about New York. His favorite team has always been the Knicks even throughout the Isiah Thomas era . Outside of his love of sports, he plays in electronic/hip-hop band Bob Villain.

Lover of all things sports, food, and entertainment. Comedy writer that gives jokes to friends who don't suffer crippling stage fright. Studier of advanced metrics and analytics. Hall of Fame GM of eSports teams.

Kevin Ayoola has written for and has a blog at He is a freelance project manager who works with athletes, entertainers, and small businesses. He also runs a travelling pro basketball team in the summer time.

Clayton Meyer is a writer that has first-hand experience playing Division I sports while earning his Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Economics from Morehead State University. Growing up playing sports and attending many different kinds of sporting events, he has been able to combine that knowledge with writing skills he has developed throughout his education.

Jerome O. graduated from California State University, working a full-time job in San Leandro. He's extremely passionate about music and motivated to do BIG things here at Baller Mind Frame.

A native of NYC and playground basketball, recently certified as a hoops scout.

When Karl isn't writing jokes or scripts, he's either wholesaling sports cards & memorabilia or cheering on his beloved Utah Jazz. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Brian Flood has written for, and is a proud member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. Brian also appears in 101 Fantasy Baseball Tips, has produced segments for NFL Network, researched statistics for MLB Network, and even spent five seasons working in the NFL League Office with "Rog." Brian dabbles in standup comedy, but recently lost “NYC’s hottest new comic” to a good-looking girl. He’s still bitter.

Aspiring writer who loves basketball and football, based out of Queens, New York. Still hasn't gotten over Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski leaving the New England Patriots.

Allan Tellis graduated from the University of Colorado in 2014 and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. He previously resided in Houston, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana. He was a college radio DJ and is a sports and sneaker fanatic. His other interests include kung fu movies, gangster films, and fitness. Hit him on Twitter @stonedpoets or on Instagram @duppy_conquerors.

Ron Glover is a native of Philadelphia, Pa. and a basketball lifer. He's patiently waiting for Moses Malone to walk through that door.

Noah Goldowitz is a long-time sneaker fanatic and vintage sneaker lover with a deep passion for all things sneaker related. Formerly of and, you can connect with him on socials @NoahGoldowitz.

Born and raised in Queens, Mike has been surrounded by basketball his whole life. Recently graduating from SUNY Old Westbury he covered the school`s basketball team and interned at Buckets Magazine.

Jesse Sinned is just a dude like any other, except he uses a blatantly fake last name to sound cool. As well as writing in third person. Jesse is my real name and who "I am." Deal with the duality.

Connor lives in Portland, Oregon and hates the rain. He is a freelance writer from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Writer/blogger. Kings Fan.

Justin PInotti has been writing and editing for about NBA and Pop Culture. I played basketball competitively till I was 19 and since have been a pick-up junky. I love all levels of hoops and also have interests in TV, movies, music, fantasy football and World Cup soccer.

Nate Hance is a freelance musician in Denver, CO. Growing up in North Dakota, he has always been loyal to all the Minnesota sports teams, and remains a diehard Timberwolves fan.

Asher Stefani is a born writer, entrepreneur and basketball fanatic. He is a graduate of Cal State University San Marcos with a degree in History specializing in research and writing. Stefani has been a professional online writer for over two years, writing sports articles on, technical articles for and numerous articles/blogs for an array of clients. Asher truly found his calling with technology in the final semester of college and combined it with his love for sports. An online sports writer was the perfect solution.

Fatima is a college student from the great state of Michigan, majoring in Communications. She grew up a Detroit Pistons fan and still is a major one. She loves basketball - playing it, watching it and talking about it. Fatima loves to write and express herself and hopes you enjoy reading her articles as much as she enjoys writing them.

Mark Wu is an avid basketball fan living in the Philippines. He is a fan of the Brooklyn Nets and the San Antonio Spurs, and is a proud survivor of 12-70.

Milo Taibi is a freelance journalist from Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured on Gear Live Media, Yahoo! Sports, MLB Trade Rumors, Cracked, and more. Follow him on Twitter @MiloTaibi.

Jonathan Andrade is a Los Angeles native and Cal State Northridge Alumni. As a former sports editor, he is a man of few words. Any questions?

Been playing fantasy sports since 1989 and fancies himself as a fantasy expert AND a poker player . . .sometimes, most of the time, but not all of the time.

Brock Hummel is a graduate of Louisiana Tech and reigning 3rd place champion of his Fantasy Basketball League. His favorite NBA dunk remains Baron Davis' slam over AK-47 in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

Clint is a practiced purveyor of basketball tales for such stalwarts as ESPN’s TrueHoop Network, the Utah Jazz and many independent establishments, currently also contributing at Twitter troublemaker at @Clintonite33, accredited illustrator, attentive single father and frequent accidental celebrity stalker.

Raining unfiltered NBA knowledge like a cloud rains down... uh, rain.

Eric Biddlecombe is pursing a public relations degree at Missouri State University and aspires to inform the sports the community with his wide range of knowledge and passion in all sports.

A lover of words, blogging, food, basketball, and Mila Kunis; Albert Kang has been writing since he was in Pampers. New to the sports blogging game - but not to basketball, he is an avid fan of the Orlando Magic, and a die hard fantasy fanatic.

Jack Tiebout is a freelance writer who lives with his dog in New Orleans. He also runs an urban farm called Fee-Fi-Fo-Farm!

D. Anthony has always possessed the passion to write at an early age. At the age of twelve, he was writing rap songs and poetry. Anthony wrote, produced, and arranged a song with himself and his two friends without knowing any format at all. He has done multiple reviews on Amazon, Yelp, iTunes, and Barnes & Nobles for business and personal use. He loves to write about sports and writes for La Sportsa Nostra. Sports writing is just a natural progression of his career.

Matt Ralston is an L.A. based comedian. He is usually right, but will admit when he's wrong.

By day, Rori is a Communications Assistant for a non-profit. As night begins to fall, she goes around New York and the globe, writing about her food and travel experiences on her blog, Her alter ego is a dark elf named Lagatha Baggins and her spirit animal is a pug.

Angela Nicole is a freelance writer who has had her work appear in numerous publications including Woman's World magazine, The Patriot Ledger, The Enterprise, and The Sun Chronicle. Though she focuses mainly on the music industry as of late, her interest lies in all that is Hollywood. She's interviewed A-list celebrities including Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Sam Hunt and The Impractical Jokers.

A film critic on the internet for several years, Matt Conway has previously worked at,, and his personal blog He has provided analysis of films of all genres, along with several stories on the latest and greatest in Hollywood.

Corey Quincy is a dedicated sports feature writer with a devoted passion for combat sports, comedy and entertainment, as well as the practical opposite in relaxation and placidity. He has contributed to numerous high-quality Boxing, MMA, and Basketball publications online as well as in print. Unusual by every definition of the word.

From the Baltimore, MD area, Gordon has been a sports fan his entire life. His interest in the NBA began by going to games when the nearby Washington Wizards weren't located in Washington D.C. and were the Washington Bullets. Gordon has been hooked ever since. He's had the opportunity to write for various web sites, both independent and part of larger networks, and have been featured on MSN, FOX Sports, Yardbarker, Spotrac, and The Breakdown Show. Gordon is also a Baltimore Orioles season ticket holder and fan of the Baltimore Ravens.

Ben is a television professional scraping by in Minneapolis. He lives for the NBA and the Minnesota Timberwolves in particular. He is a big proponent of live music, well-written films, books and television, a good beer, the number 42 and gravity. His biggest fear is that he will never get the opportunity to ask Nikola Pekovic and Andrei Kirilenko whose tattoo would win in a fight while they are in the same room.

Kyle Johnson is an aspiring creative writer with a love for sports, specifically basketball and football. This Jersey boy has been able to witness the world of sports in different venues, but knows there’s no place like home in the NYC tri-state area when it comes to love for the game. However, his beliefs are about to be challenged as he finds himself the only black man in Winneconne, Wisconsin amidst some die-hard Green Bay Packers fans. Watch the drama unfold.

Trae Malone is a multifaceted artist with a focused background in alternative music. His professional journey has led him to touring throughout the Untied States as well as overseas. Despite his primary emphasis, he has a deep-rooted love for Hip-Hop and R&B, with an all-encompassing passion for artistic expression in all forms. Having been exposed to music early in the church, joining a local choir as soon as he was of age, Trae had an immediate connection with the creative aspects of making music. This later led to him playing in Punk/Hardcore bands as well as delving into the production/rapping side of Hip-Hop. His insatiable desire to be involved with the innovative process of music and natural love of all facets of art has led him to the lifestyle-branding position at G Pen. Since working with the company, he’s been a part of a creative team that has integrated their brand into the world of fashion and extreme sports with a full scope of colorful collaborations, including the launch of G Pen Radio on Dash, the latest effort of their newest endeavor. Follow Trae Malone on Twitter @thetraemalone.

Zach Marburger feels too much pressure to write something funny here. So, like, back off, stalker.

Andy Bankin is a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles. He wrote and directed the independent film "Happy Thanksgiving," and writes humor pieces regularly for Punchnel's.

Ryan Wooden is a full-time freelance sportswriter based in Chicago. His work has appeared in several prominent print and online publications, such as Time Out Chicago, CBS Local and In addition to his work as a columnist for BMF, Ryan is the Big 12 editor for, a featured columnist for and a correspondent for the Morris Daily Herald. He attended the University of Tennessee and majored in pick-up basketball and Jack Daniels.

Anna used to have a pet lamb named Arvydas Sabonis... it's a long story. She graduated from the University of Utah and now when Anna is not skiing, she sits in the nosebleed seats at every Jazz game. She's a connoisseur of giggling.

Justin is a sports fanatic and contributing writer here at Baller Mind Frame. He attended the University of Tampa, where he co-hosted the Spartans sports radio show. He currently lives in New York City.

Smith is a 22-year-old college student currently working on an English degree. Smith also writes for Fantasy Sports Warehouse, an online sports website.

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