Wanted: Dead or Alive!

Okay, we need writers that are definitely more alive than dead… unless you’re a zombie that wants to recap The Walking Dead from an unique point of view. Then, (un)dead would be cool. Other than that, we’re looking for pop culture writers for our relatively new blog, PopCultureSpin.com. And, while we’re new, we actually have a publishing partnership with COMPLEX, which is a great internet destination for, well, everything.

At Pop Culture Spin, we have a great group of Editors (that have contributed to places like BuzzFeed, The New York Times Company, ESPN, and Yahoo!, for example), and while joining the PCS team doesn’t pay in cold hard cash (yeah, we know… it stinks, but we’re hoping to eventually change the odor to something sweeter), we’d like to add writers that want to get better at their craft and take advantage of our partnership with COMPLEX. Help us, help you, help us… wait, that sounds selfish on our part. Forget we wrote that.

We’re looking for people to do the standard pop culture content with a frequency of at least once a week contributions. We do have a process in place, including a style guide, so we’ll be sure to establish all of that stuff for you before we get going. Ideally, we can take a look-see at three pieces of content, either through links or actual samples, so we can get an idea of how you write. So, please feel free to check the site and if you dig it, hit us up! Maybe we can make history together! By the way, we’re the most dedicated and passionate fans of hyperbole.