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Look Closer presents… Under Armour Curry Two “Iron Sharpens Iron”


Look Closer at The BMF with Complex Media is all about giving you the opportunity to see the best footwear and sportswear in performance & lifestyle fashion in up-close and personal, high-quality portraiture served with a side of expert commentary. Inspired and provided by Senior Editor Sandy Dover.

The Under Armour Curry Two has been a revelation, a confirmation of the brand’s flagship product taking hold of the masses. It’s one of the best-selling sneakers in the footwear industry, fronted by arguably the best player in the NBA today, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. And with Stephen’s help, the Curry Two has helped to generate all kinds of looks with its teched-out looks and storybook nods to poignant personal anecdotes in Stephen’s life. It’s a star just like its namesake.

Take a look here, look closer at what the Curry Two is, in its hue-rich “Iron Sharpens Iron” colorway. It’s an impressive piece of work.

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Photography by Sandy Dover. Some rights reserved.

Special thanks to Under Armour.

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