‘Friends’-style Central Perk Pop-up Coffee Shop to Open in NYC in Late September


Friends is turning 20 this year, which means it still isn’t allowed to drink anything alcoholic and will have to settle for coffee for one more year.

To celebrate the iconic show, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that there will be a pop-up coffee shop in New York City for one month. Located at 199 Lafayette Street (corner of Lafayette and Broome), “Central Perk” is set to serve up steaming hot cups of Eight O’Clock Coffee for free. There will also be a limited-edition “Central Perk Roast” available for consumption (I can only assume it will also be packaged for retail sale at this location) as well as Friends merchandise giveaways. The store will be open from September 17 to October 18.

I’m sure it’s too much to ask for, but I can only hope that they serve up some of Rachel’s delicious Thanksgiving trifle for dessert.


Can’t make it to New York this autumn? Well, how about Beijing, China? There’s a coffee shop in Beijing that lovingly recreated the design of the fictitious coffee shop, right down to its name, Central Perk. You can read more about it here.




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