Hot Package Returns to Adult Swim for Second Season

Image courtesy of Adult Swim.

Image courtesy of Adult Swim.

That’s right, North America, you asked for it: Your favorite entertainment news program is back! Season two of Hot Package vows to give you even more one-of-a-kind found footage clips and insights from A-list celebrity notables, such as Mark McGrath, Heidi Fleiss, Fabio, Kenneth Anger and Corey Feldman. Host Derrick Beckles bravely forges the way in becoming the first and only entertainment program to feature a hologram co-host; and exclusive one-on-one interviews, behind-the-scenes award ceremony coverage and breaking updates from Hollywood insider Jeff Deane Turner round out this never-to-be-missed series.

New episodes of the comedic Hollywood reporting series, in the vein of “Entertainment Tonight,” “EXTRA,” or “E! News,” premiere Friday, February 27th at 12:30 a.m. (ET/PT). Season two features returning cast members Derrick Beckles and Anastasia Roark.


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