iZombie Review: 1.4: Live and Let Clive


iZombie continued last night with another solid episode. I can’t help but feeling they’re not totally living up to all the potential of the pilot, but it’s a very charming show and I’m inclined to give it time to deliver on stand out episodes.

The device where Liv picks up personality traits from the brains she eats is clearly going to be a much bigger part of the show than I’d first anticipated and I suppose it’s best that I get used to it. This week had her becoming paranoid.

The crux of this episode was Liv having visions that made it look like Clive is a crooked cop. Their partnership has always been one mostly of convenience, without the mutual affection we’ve seen between her and Ravi. Seeing that already uncertain connection tested was a good early conflict, before the relationships become cemented.

Easily the best thing to come out of this episode was Liv’s ex-fiance Major bonding with Ravi. At first it was a little unclear how Major would fit into the show. It’s fundamentally a show about how much Liv has drifted away from her former life. In the case of her mother and her roommate, there are practical reasons why they’d still be a big part of her life even with emotional difference. Her ex-fiance is another story. So, it was nice seeing him bonding with another main cast member to bring him into the fold more. And Ravi is so infectious as a character that showing someone bond with him is a nice shortcut to likeability.

This episode also introduced Liv’s brother Evan. I was excited to see more of her family, but I didn’t think he added a lot. His main attribute is his creepy crush on Peyton.

“Live and Let Clive” also gave us more of Blaine’s plans. He’s a good villain for this crew. A smart criminal with big plans.


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