‘True Detective’ Drops Season 2 Teaser Trailer



True Detective Season 2 will have difficulty matching the profound excellence of its debut run. Nic Pizzolatto‘s opening season was as tormenting as it was riveting, showcasing Matthew McConaughey in prime form during his embodiment of Rust Cohle. Since “time is a flat circle,” after all, to quote Reggie Ledoux, another season of True Detective was destined to arrive eventually.

The second coming of HBO’s immediate entry into television lore hasn’t arrived yet. True Detective‘s teaser trailer, on the other hand, has thankfully graced its audience. Season 2 stars Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, and Taylor Kitsch. That’s a cast HBO was wise to land.

Any fan realizes True Detective has a grim nature. A comedy man like Vaughn joining the series has raised doubt in the past. The same can apply to McAdams, an actress who doesn’t usually portray gritty characters.

To this sentiment, I laugh. Vaughn has villainous turns in his background. McAdams has appeared in dramas throughout her career. Most critically, Pizzolatto and HBO have earned the right to be trusted. If they wanted this cast, there’s surely a justified reason.

In the first footage of True Detective Season 2, words aren’t spoken. What’s shown is the faces and actions of the aforementioned characters. Vaughn will be a primary villain as the other three Pizzolatto creations will be representing law enforcement. The most exciting component of the teaser is its confirmation that True Detective is on the verge of returning.

We can speculate constantly. Cast rumors can pour through the web. Potential detective partners have the power to obsess loyal fans. That can all be shoved aside, swept away with the promise of more episodes. To True Detective fans, here is your Season 2 teaser trailer.

Just remember, as Rust Cohle once said, “I don’t sleep, I just dream.” My hope is that your dreams of the upcoming season are equal to mine. Season 2’s eight new episodes will begin airing Sunday, June 21 on HBO.



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