iZombie Review: 1.5: Flight of the Living Dead


This week iZombie continued with a very solid episode. “Flight of the Living Dead” introduced a new love interest for Liv: fellow zombie Lowell Casey played by Bradley James from Merlin. They have great chemistry and it’s a well-written relationship that already appeals to me more than the idea of her getting back together with Major, at least any time soon.

Speaking of Major, he has a great storyline of his own which is nice to see in a love interest. He’s the only one who seems to care that transient youths are going missing in huge numbers. He finally gets Clive Babineaux to look into it. Clive does realize the gravity of the situation, but hits a limit of what he can do. It seems that the cops might be in on whatever’s happening.

This episode had Liv eating the brains of a girl who was an adventurous rulebreaker and we got to see her become a bit more spontaneous. It was nice watching her have fun. But, what stood out about this episode was the ensemble. Everyone had something to do. Not only did Major and Clive get their own intriguing plotline with the missing youths, but Peyton and Ravi got great scenes showing off their characters and their relationships with Liv. I was grateful for the Peyton scene especially, both because Aly Michalka is wonderful and because it’s important to get scenes of Liv actually interacting with her best friend. Yes, the pilot portrayed her isolation wonderfully,  but the show is about her progressing. Ravi managed to get the cutest moment of the episode, when we got to see his reaction to Liv liking a boy.

Fans of Rob Thomas’s previous show Party Down will also enjoy that this episode featured a guest appearance from Ryan Hansen and a mention of the show’s famous catchphrase “are we having fun yet?” When will we get a guest appearance by Martin Starr? This is very important to me.


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