iZombie Review: 1.6: Virtual Reality Bites


This week’s iZombie had Liv and the team solving the murder of a man who was “the most hated man on the Internet”, a notorious troll and hacker. TV shows attempting to write Internet culture can often be embarrassing, but this episode didn’t too bad a job with it.

This was also a big episode for the overall season plot. The crew made the connection between the missing children Major has been concerned with and Blaine DeBeers. So far, all Liv’s actions have been strictly in the realm of fighting crime within the law. It’ll be interesting to see if this Blaine plot is big enough to force the characters into superhero/vigilante mode.

Liv also went on her first date with Lowell. It was very rewarding watching her be bubbly and excited for a date, after seeing her as hopeless and feeling like her life is over in the pilot. The date turned out to be awkward, with her admitting that she might not be over Major. But, in the end she decided to seize the day and give the relationship a try. In the narration we hear her say, “What was it mom said right before ‘sit up straight’? Something about not letting life pass me by.” Then we get to see her give Lowell a big, adorable, passionate smooch. I’m guessing that Liv/Major is endgame, but in the meantime I’m really enjoying the fun this relationship adds and the chemistry between Liv and Lowell.

It feels like this show still hasn’t fully found a place for Peyton. I love Aly Michalka and I wish Liv had more scenes with her supposed best friend. Right now Ravi often takes the best friend role. Sometimes that’s necessary because he knows her secret, but I’d like it if there were at least some things that she could only talk to Peyton about.


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