One Big Happy Review: 1.5: A Tale of Two Hubbies


This week’s One Big Happy was a complete trainwreck, even by this show’s standards. In the episode, Prudence’s first husband Martin, who she’s technically still married to, shows up. Prudence explained she signed divorce papers years ago but Martin refused to also sign them.

Lizzy gets it in her head that clearly she has to act like she’s interested in Martin and let him touch her in order to get him to go with the divorce. I guess it really was too much to ask that this show never do an episode where the point is laughing at a lesbian’s discomfort while a guy is all over her.

Prudence tells Martin that she only married him to get out of a bad situation “why else would I marry someone I’d known for just a free days?” Luke gets  upset because they’d also only known each other a few days. They have an extremely dramatic fight. Needless to say, there are some tonal issues here. This show normally consists of bad puns about Prudence having large boobs, so a very real fight doesn’t fit in at all. Especially since it ends with Luke actually taking off.

When Prudence tells Lizzy that Luke is gone, she gives a typical sitcom delivery of, “So…it’s just the two of us?” It seems like they want us to laugh at what an odd pair Lizzy and Prudence are, instead of thinking about how Luke took off for who knows how long, leaving behind someone who’s pregnant with a baby he is supposed to be responsible for.

This episode is almost fascinating in how much it makes every wrong decision and I’m a little morbidly curious to watch next week’s episode. This isn’t the sort of show that can really do dramatic cliffhangers and the fact that they’re trying is at least interesting. I say that with all due disdain for this show.


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