Community Review: 6.8: Intro to Recycled Cinema


This week’s Community had a great opening that looked like a real ad. At the end when Ken Jeong showed up, I genuinely thought it was just an ad with Ken Jeong and it was just the work of good targeted advertising that they were showing it before Community. Then it became clear that this was actually the episode opening and Ben Chang now has a series of successful commercials.

The rest of the group is bitterly talking about Chang’s success when they find out that Abed had started a student film with Chang in it, meaning the school owns a film that they can bill as starring the “ham girl” guy. Frankie brings in a producer (played by the always wonderful Steve Guttenberg) who tells them that if they turn around the film soon, while Chang is still popular, he can get a company to buy it.

This puts Abed in a position where everyone is pressuring him to finish the film quickly, instead of making sure it’s good. He says, “You guys are gonna help me and we’re gonna make a good movie?” Jeff replies, “Absolutely. Or a bad one. Probably a bad one. I think we’re all on the same page.”

Jeff gets Abed to loosen up and let them finish the movie as quickly as possible, but Jeff ends up being the one getting precious when they want to cut out his big scene. It turns out, Jeff is having a crisis of his own and tells Abed, “Every single one of you is gonna leave here except for me. Troy, Shirley, Annie is gonna be president, even Pierce got to die.”

“Intro to Recycled Cinema” had some funny moments like the great opening, a few solid jokes and Annie and Jeff improvising an “I love you” scene before Britta reminds them that Annie’s character is Jeff’s characters daughter. But, on the whole the episode didn’t really cohere. The gags about what a sloppy movie this film is weren’t that interesting and got very repetitive. Jeff and Abed’s emotional arcs felt pretty half-hearted.

This episode was fine but doesn’t even come close to being in my rotation of Community episodes I would watch over and over.


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