Daredevil Review: Episodes 9-13


The final episodes of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix provide a drama-filled, satisfying conclusion. Things become truly bleak for Matt Murdock in episode 10, “Nelson vs. Murdock.” In this episode, Foggy finally discovers Matt’s secret and is deeply upset that Matt could hide so much from him. A series of adorable flashbacks shows how Matt and Foggy became so close, while in the present we see this friendship ripped apart.

In episode 12, “The Ones We Leave Behind”, Wilson Fisk murders Ben Urich. It’s an upsetting death, but it provides enough of a reason for Foggy and Matt to put their fight aside for the big finale. Episode 13, “Daredevil”, gives us a big ending. Fisk’s co-conspirators are actually arrested and Matt successfully confronts Fisk and leaves him to the police. The fight between Fisk and Matt was especially gripping. This show has always felt very different from other superhero franchises and the final fight might be the greatest example. Instead of being a huge piece that shows off as many special effects as possible, the weapon in the big fight is a pipe. It was refreshing to see this sort of season finale. While most superhero shows make sure their finales create as many big cliffhangers and questions for next season as possible, this episode made season one feel more like an installment in a movie franchise. Things wrapped up and Matt, Foggy and Karen were able to have a moment to celebrate their success.

Season one of Daredevil definitely proved you don’t need to bombard an audience with cliffhangers to leave them wanting more. I’m excited for season two simply because the characters that season one has depicted are so interesting. In particular, I can’t wait to see more of Karen Page and Vanessa Marianna. They’re two of the most interesting characters to have popped up in a superhero show recently.


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