iZombie Review: 1.7: Maternity Liv


iZombie came out with another strong episode this week. “Maternity Liv” had one of the most interesting procedural plots the show has ever had, as Liv and Clive tried to solve the mystery of who killed a pregnant teen girl. It helped that the mystery had a strong emotional storyline attached, as Liv wondered what would happen to the baby (who miraculously survived the mother’s death). Liv’s emotional attachment to this was increased by the fact that she ate the mother’s brains and strong maternal attachment kicked in.

Meanwhile, Major is still trying to track down the missing kids. It’s interesting seeing how Liv, the supernatural main character of the show, is mostly living an above board, by-the-book life, while Major, who has no other worldly abilities or instincts, is becoming quite the vigilante. At one point, he even grabs a crow bar and breaks into a car.

Major’s plotline also effected Clive. In a desperate move, he tricked Clive into speaking to a reporter about why the missing children aren’t a priority for the Seattle Police Department. This resulted in Clive being relegated to paperwork duty and shunned by his co-workers.

Liv’s relationship with Lowell also hit its first minor rough patch in this episode. She senses that he’s no longer interested in her and is confused until he tells her “I’m gay…until I eat my next batch of brains.” I’m a little confused on how the rule that this plot was establishing works. Liv has eaten the brains of straight guys before without them making her exclusively attracted to women, so it seems to go based on orientation rather than which gender the person preferred. It seems like it falls apart if you think about it too much. But, what was nice about what they established with this plot is that Liv and Lowell have a nice emotional connection, even aside from their attraction.


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