31 Days of Halloween Episodes: Haunted (The Vampire Diaries)


Here at Pop Culture Spin we refuse to accept that Halloween is only one day. We’re going to be celebrating Halloween all month, by highlighting one of our favorite Halloween episodes every day. Today’s we’re looking at the Vampire Diaries episode “Haunted.”

Basic Info

Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

Written by: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 7

Where to Watch It: Netflix

Why It’s Great

This episode saw the rise and fall of one of The Vampire Diaries best characters: Vicki Donovan. It kicks off with her attacking Tyler Lockwood, in a moment of uncontrollable bloodlust. Stefan intervenes and tries to reform her. She’s recently become a vampire, but Stefan is trying to teach her how to control her urges. Vicki doesn’t buy into Stefan’s life of controlling all urges. She asks him point blank, “Why can’t I have people blood?”

Elena is determined to keep Vicki away from Jeremy now that she’s a vampire. When she tells him it’s for the best to let Vicki go, he tells her that being with Vicki is the first thing that’s made him start to feel a little better since their parents death. After several altercations, Vicki tries to bite Elena and Stefan stakes her.

In a big character defining moment for Elena, we see her make the judgment call to have Damon wipe Jeremy’s memory so that he doesn’t know Stefan killed Vicki.

Why It’s Full of Halloween Spirit

Nothing will stop the people of Mystic Falls from having a big party. Nothing. The Halloween ball is no exception and, despite everything on their plates, every character shows up, in costume and ready to party.

Costume Count

There are tons of costumes in this episode, but here are the ones worn by main characters.

Tyler Lockwood is a Spartan

Caroline and Bonnie are witches

Damon is a ‘50s greaser

Elena Gilbert is a nurse

Matt Donovan is a doctor


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