iZombie Review: 2.1: Grumpy Old Liv


iZombie season two premiered last night and it continues to be on the right track with solid storytelling. In last night’s episode, Liv ate the brains of an old man, causing some delightful grumpy antics.

There are several big changes for Liv this season. The most brutal is of course that her mother and brother are still not speaking to her after she refused to give blood to her brother. The scene where Liv’s brother tells her not to speak to him again is an absolute punch in the gut.

Major is also angry with her and is being blackmailed into hunting down zombies. The people at Super Max found out through tapping phones that Major has the power to detect zombies after the cure he took and they want to use this to their advantage, covering up the side effects of Max Rager by hunting down the zombies it’s created. This includes Liv, although Major is told that he doesn’t have to go after her first. Despite his anger at Liv, Major is still friends and roommates with Ravi. Ravi calls this a classic case of “bros before…ex-fiances.” Clive has suspicions about Major, although Liv protects him by insisting that the case is closed and that Major and Blaine had no contact that she knows of.

Blaine is still around, but he’s human now and claims to be reformed– not that we should believe that. Taking a cue from Liv, Blaine is now working as a funeral director to help give zombies access to dead people’s brains and not have to resort to killing. The company Super Max and its CEO Vaughn Du Clark seem to be a bigger and more immediate threat than Blaine. With Peyton gone, Vaughn’s assistant stepped in and became Liv’s roommate so that she could keep a close eye on her.


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