iZombie Review: 2.2: Zombie Bro


This week’s iZombie was a wonderfully fun time. Liv Moore ate frat boy brains and we got to see her acting like a bro all episode. Meanwhile, Ravi Chakrabarti convinced Major Lilywhite to do drugs with him as an experiment. Hilarity ensued on both fronts. We got to see Liv become amused by pranks like writing “FART” on Ravi’s forehead while he sleeps. This episode also gave us Liv walking around wearing only police tape and Ravi’s club dancing.

But, there was also some emotional realness. While he was high, Major curled up with Liv and gave her hope for their relationship. But, afterwards, he went back to wanting nothing to do with her. Liv’s quiet acceptance of this was heartbreaking, but also made her very sympathetic. She understands that she did something wrong and can’t complain about Major turning away from her as a result.

I’m curious if they’re going to have Clive start to suspect Liv’s secret anytime soon. He obviously noticed the frequent changes in her personality and he knows that she has psychic visions. He doesn’t need to discover her secret right away, but it would make sense for him to start poking around, making acting on a different theory that has nothing to do with the possibility of zombies.

This episode also gave us our first look at Blaine DeBeers’s father Angus DeBeers. He’s previously implied he doesn’t have a good relationship with his father, but he’s also the one who turned him into a zombie. Where is this relationship going?

Blaine is also plotting against the person running the Utopium business and already has the D.A. in his pocket. It’ll be interesting to see Liv face off against a big bad who is now human.

The main plot of the episode with Liv and Clive searching to find the frat boy’s murderer didn’t really stand out, but it had a good amount of twists and turns to give the episode structure while the character development and humor really shined.


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