31 Days of Halloween Episodes: Life of the Party (Angel)


Here at Pop Culture Spin we refuse to accept that Halloween is only one day. We’re going to be celebrating Halloween all month, by highlighting one of our favorite Halloween episodes every day. Today’s we’re looking at the Angel episode “Life of the Party.”

Basic Info

Directed by: Bill Norton

Written by: Ben Edlund

Episode Number: Season 5, Episode 5

Where to Watch It: Netflix

Why It’s Great

Angel was a weird show. In this episode, Angel has to throw a party for all the big demons he normally fights. For the sake of the party, Angel has to make concessions like going out of his way to make sure a truly creepy demon lord is attending.

Things go awry when his demon friend Lorne suffers side effects of having “his sleep removed” that cause everything he says to come true. Results include Fred and Wesley getting drunk, Angel hooking up with Eve, Spike being aggressively positive about everything and Gunn peeing all over everything.

Things get worse when Lorne’s subconscious comes to life and starts attacking people. Fortunately, the guy just needed a good night’s sleep and it turns out the kinds of people who attend evil law firm parties think that parties are vastly improved by a monster going around attacking people.

Why It’s Full of Halloween Spirit

Whacky spookiness is pretty much a given on Angel. Surprisingly, the real Halloween spirit unique to this episode is the mundane, adult take on it. We might not like to talk about it, but for many people Halloween means trying to take the edge off at crappy office parties with co-workers you can barely tolerate.

Costume Count

None of the main characters wear costumes, but you do see a demon in a human costume that is most likely an actual human’s face. Even when it’s being silly, this show is dark.


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