iZombie Review: 2.4: Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues


Last night was another great episode of iZombie. Liv Moore ate the brains of an aspiring country singer and started expressing herself through song, which was real fun to watch. What made this episode great was watching Liv’s biggest relationships start to heal.

Major Lilywhite has been in a serious downward spiral and I honestly thought things would get worse before they got better. The “you up?” text he got from Rita had be more than a little worried, so it was a huge surprise and relief when instead of making more and more mistakes, he showed up at Liv ‘s door and admitted that he needs help. Liv’s speech to Major felt a little unprompted and on-the-nose, but it was really just set up for the fantastic scene where he comes to her to say that he needs help.

I’m still wondering exactly what their kiss means and I’m not sure that I want it to mean that this relationship is 100% back on track, but it’s nice to see them moving in a good direction and wanting to be there for each other.

Meanwhile, Liv and Peyton Charles had more of a genuine friendship in this episode than we’ve ever seen before. Just like the scene leading up to Liv’s kiss with Major, her reunion with Peyton was nicely understated and simple. They tell each other how much they missed each other and hug in a perfect, earnest moment that’s not overwritten or too heavy on dialogue. It’s so nice to see Liv finally getting real bonding scenes with her best friend. I want to see much more of Peyton and of this relationship.

Peyton’s return also means the possibility of a renewed relationship with her and Ravi. We never got enough of this relationship on-screen for me to really have feelings about it, but since they’re both adorable, I’d be interested in seeing the show do it again and give them actual development this time.


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