The Flash Review: 2.4: The Fury of the Firestorm


A new hero was introduced last night on The Flash. The immediately likeable Jefferson Jackson (Franz Drameh) took up the mantle of being the other half of Firestorm. Jax is a welcome addition and brings the kind of levity and easy charm that Barry had in season one.

The episode also introduced a couple new villains: Henry Hewitt, who is based on the villain Tokamak from the comics. He’s bitter that Jax was chosen over him to form Firestorm. An ambitious scientist who is also a metahuman could make a great recurring villain.

But, the really exciting villain was King Shark, who is straight up a giant shark-man. Like Gorilla Grodd, this is the kind of cartoonish villain that would feel strange on Arrow, but that The Flash has been pretty successful in working in.

All the new characters were the highlight of an episode where the main characters were acting a bit weird. In particular, Caitlin’s very aggressive snobbery in favor of Henry and against Jax was odd. She leaps to accusing him of always giving up just because he didn’t go to college right out of high school (it turns out he couldn’t afford it) and for not being thrilled about the idea of combining on an atomic level with a complete stranger. She was acting very strange and the entire team felt a little off. Maybe that was inevitable since the idea of convincing someone to form Firestorm after one meeting was such a stretch.

This episode also continued the plot with Iris’s mother, Francine West. Iris tells her that she doesn’t want her in her life and then Francine reveals to Joe that she’s dying. Iris considers letting Francine back into her life, but when she does a little investigating, she discovers that Francine has a son who she never told Joe about. It’s possible this is the show’s way of introducing Wally West.

At the end of this episode, the Harrison Wells from Earth 2 crossed over into Barry’s world. Next week’s episode will be all about him and Jay Garrick prepping Barry for facing Zoom. This plot could get very exhausting very fast, but I’ll give it a chance.


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