26 Days of Thanksgiving Episodes: WUPHF.com (The Office)


We’re counting down the days to Thanksgiving by looking at a variety of Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes. Thanksgiving episodes are all different, but they have lots of tropes in common. Today we’re looking at “WUPHF.com” from The Office.

Basic Info

Directed by: Danny Leiner

Written by: Aaron Shure

Episode Number: Season 7, Episode 9

Where to Watch It: Netflix

Found Family

In this episode, Michael’s loyalty to Ryan is tested. Michael has been generous in assisting Ryan with getting his company WUPHF.com off the ground and as a result he’s the majority shareholder. When they get an offer to sell, Ryan wants to turn it down but the other people at the company who’ve invested are eager to get at least some of their money back.

Pam comes to Michael and makes a plea to him, saying that she believes Ryan doesn’t really care about him and reminding him that there are other people with money at stake here who Michael also cares about. It’s a painful but touching moment of tough love.

In the end, Michael decides that he believes in Ryan and that he won’t sell unless Ryan chooses to. He acknowledges all of Ryan’s flaws but still believes in supporting him. Fortunately, Ryan comes through for once and decides to sell.

Meanwhile, Angela visits Dwight’s Thanksgiving hay festival. She gets frustrated with his bad behavior and questions whether she wants to have a baby with him. Then, she meets a charming new man and they start up a flirtatious relationship. Get it, Angela.


This is a very atypical Thanksgiving episode and that is evidenced with the lack of a food theme.


No football in this one.


General American history doesn’t come up, but Dwight does explain some pretty elaborate traditions as he runs his Thanksgiving hay festival.


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