25 Days of Christmas Episodes: Christmas Trees (Malcolm in the Middle)


We’re counting down the days until Christmas by looking back at Christmas episodes from a variety of TV shows. Tonight we’re kicking things off with “Christmas Trees” from Malcolm in the Middle. What Christmas episode tropes did this episode use? Let’s take a look.

Basic Info

Directed by: Steve Love

Written by: Alex Reid

Episode Number: Season 5, Episode 7

Where to Watch It: Netflix

Saving Christmas

In this episode, Hal has to deal with cutbacks at work. But, he thinks he has a fix for their money problems: they’ll sell Christmas trees.

They sink all the money they have into the plan in hopes of turning a profit. When things keep going wrong, Hal has to resort to begging someone to buy a tree. But, he does manage to turn a profit. The profit they make is mere change, but after all the turmoil, they’re just happy to be in the positive.

Christmas Miracle

When the family has been banned from using their yard and has to sell them out of their house, things look grim and the kids want to bail. Hal gives them a speech about how you have to believe in miracles and, surely, Christmas is the time for it. He tells them, “Boys, let me tell you something, the only way I’ve managed to get through my crappy life with any shred of self-worth is by living in denial! If I was gonna let myself get beaten by failure I woud’ve quit after one kid!”

There actually is a tiny miracle when someone knocks on the door to ask about a cat they found. This gives Hal the opportunity to beg and plead the man to buy a tree.

Christmas Songs

In a subplot of the episode, Lois and the other employees at the Lucky-Aide search for a squirrel that bit Craig so that they can confirm that it doesn’t have rabies. During the montage of everyone searching for the squirrel, “The Little Drummer Boy” plays.


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