25 Days of Christmas Episodes: Ludachristmas (30 Rock)


We’re counting down the days until Christmas by looking back at Christmas episodes from a variety of TV shows. Tonight we’re talking about “Ludachristmas” from 30 Rock. What Christmas episode tropes did this episode use? Let’s take a look.

Basic Info

Directed by: Don Scardino

Written by: Tami Sagher

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 9

Where to Watch It: Netflix

Bad Santa

When the TGS staff talks about their upcoming “Ludachristmas” party, Cerie asks Frank if he’s going to do Horny Santa again and ask her to sit on his lap.

Christmas Songs

At the end of the episode, we hear a bizarre Christmas song sung by Tracy Jordan with the lyrics, “Imagine Christmas wishes shooting out of your eyes.”

Jenna coyly says that she hopes she doesn’t end up getting drunk and singing Christmas songs, but then we see her coordinate with a piano player to plan her performances.

The True Meaning of Christmas

When everyone is only concerned with debauchery, Kenneth decides to trick them into sitting down with a priest who’ll teach them the true meaning of Christmas. Frank asks, “Who cares about the true meaning of Christmas? It’s about getting drunk and eating too much”

When Kenneth shows them a video of poor children who are grateful to get blocks of wood for Christmas, they feel guilty for how materialistic they’ve been. Tracy convinces everyone to chop down the big Christmas tree outside.

Sober Christmas

Tracy gets a court order not to drink. He laments, “The holidays without drinkin’ is rough. Turns out football is boring, my wife’s sister ain’t as cute as I though she was and I cannot play the guitar.”

Kenneth suggests that instead of going to the Ludachristmas party, they have real Christmas fun by playing party games.


Jack’s mom visits, causing him to be extremely stressed out. He’s perplexed when he meets Liz’s family and they give her nothing but encouragement.


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