25 Days of Christmas Episodes: Can’t Fix Crazy (Orange is the New Black)


We’re counting down the days until Christmas by looking back at Christmas episodes from a variety of TV shows. Tonight we’re talking about “Can’t Fix Crazy” from Orange is the New BlackWhat Christmas episode tropes did this episode use? Let’s take a look.

Basic Info

Directed by: Michael Trim

Written by: Tara Herrmann and Jenji Kohan

Episode Number: Season 1, Episode 13

Where to Watch It: Netflix

Christmas Pageant

Its time for the prison’s annual Christmas pageant. Sister Ingalls and Sophia are organizing it and many of the inmates are eager to try out.

Pennsatucky is cast as an angel, which has been her dream for years. The casting goes to her head and when she faces Piper and tells her that she needs to “smite” her, she tells Piper that she’s an angel, adding “look at my dress!”

Secret Santa

Nicky organizes a secret santa for her friend group. She decides to include Alex and Piper in the spirit of the holiday.

Later, Big Boo teases Lorna for the fact that it’s supposed to be a secret, but she was asking Big Boo if her feet get cold and what her favorite color is.

Christmas Songs

In an opening montage, everyone auditions for the pageant. Gina, Chang, Suzanne, Flaca and Maritza all dance to “Christmas in Hollis.”

Lorna sings “Hark the Herald.” Big Boo sings “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” Yoga sings “Joy to the World.” Anita sings “Jingle Bells” and Cindy beat boxes it. Taystee sings “Go Tell It On the Mountain.”

Christmas Dinner

Red is furious at being removed from her job as head cook before she can cook her big Christmas dinner. Gloria is put in charge instead. Gloria and her team enjoy how cooking tamales together for Christmas almost feels like being home. But, things take a dark turn when Red tries to sabotage the kitchen and ends up causing Gina to get serious burns.


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