iZombie Review: 2.10: Method Head


iZombie season two returned last night with a fun episode. “Method Head” took Liv Moore to the set of Zombie High, a CW-like zombie show, giving the show lots of opportunities to have adorable meta humor and show Liv and Ravi at their dorky best. Liv was very relatable as a hardcore Zombie High fan and it was rewarding when Ravi actually got hooked as well, saying, “It’s like mental pork rinds. I can’t stop!”

In the midseason finale, Clive Babineaux told Liv she couldn’t work cases anymore after she ate vigilante brains and went too far in her pursuit of justice. Thankfully, iZombie chose not to keep the relationship broken for too long. By the end of this episode, Liv had proven her worth and Clive’s simple, “See you tomorrow” was a great quiet reconciliation.

This episode also reminded us of the bombshell that was Ravi discovering the cure for zombie-ism is only temporary. Ravi delivered the news to Major and Blaine. They have no idea how much time they’ll have before they start craving brains again.

One of the things that makes being an iZombie viewer so rewarding is that the show consistently comes out with fun episodes, without side-stepping how much turmoil the characters are going through. This is a great example. When Major gets the news that he’ll be returning to a zombie state at some point, it’s taken seriously, but we still get an episode full of jokes about the teen fantasy genre.

That said, this episode did have a bit of a strange structure when it leapt forward in time a couple of months. It seems that this was done so that Liv could slowly earn back Clive’s trust without us having to actually see her going through a depressing time of having her purpose in life taken away. Maybe this was for the best for the tone of the show, but the cheat was a little jarring to watch.


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