The Flash Review: 2.11: The Reverse-Flash Returns


Last night’s episode of The Flash highlighted a lot of the show’s glaring problems, but the biggest was what a mess of a character Barry Allen has become. From the absolutely cringe-inducing moment when he attempted to guilt Patty with the “everyone I love leaves me” line to Harry and Joe having to remind him to prioritize saving his friend over holding a man prisoner, this episode may be the best example yet of Barry’s descent into being a truly scummy, unlikable, awful hero.

I like to hold onto hope that they’re doing slow character development like they did with Oliver on Arrow, but it would be easier to believe that if the show didn’t continually treat Barry as though he’s a wonderful guy. In the rare moments where people call out his behavior, it’s always something about being too nice or too selfless or wanting to save everybody. Those are far from his biggest problems.

Since the Barry/Patty relationship is thankfully over, I won’t go on too much about what a sloppy ordeal that was from start to finish. For purposes of this review I’ll just point out how the overall laziness of that relationship storyline resulted in a breakup that had no dramatic weight whatsoever. All I felt was relief that I (hopefully) won’t have to watch them half-ass that relationship anymore.

As always, Cisco continues to be the one shining light on this show and his scenes with Harry had a real spark and energy that the rest of the episode lacked. That said, even Cisco couldn’t help but gloat in front of the captive Eobard Thawne. This show originally stood out because of a sweet optimism it had. Obviously, everything that’s happened to these characters is going to weigh on them,  but I’m sick of emotional weight only manifesting in an honestly chilling need for revenge.


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