iZombie Review: 2.11: Fifty Shades of Grey Matter


On last night’s episode of iZombie, Liv at the brains of Grace, a librarian who was working on a smutty romance novel. Seeing Liv barely able to keep it in her pants was a wonderful gift, in particular when she started imagining Ravi and Major wrestling together. I think I enjoyed it even more than frat bro Liv.

The case itself wasn’t too interesting, but it was satisfying watching the psychology of Grace’s husband Andy unfold. Guest star Ben Lawson did a great job with the part, playing him as a wholesome hero with just enough of a menacing undercurrent. Grace’s bitter, uptight co-worker Muriel was a fun character to watch.

There were two major relationship developments in this episode. Liv had her eye on Drake. While the relationship was definitely sparked by her exposure to horny librarian brains, the spark seemed genuine. While I’m still interested in the relationship between Liv and Major, it’s always nice seeing Liv happy. I can’t wait to see where the relationship goes.

The second relationship development was much more distressing. Peyton hooked up with Blaine– and got him immunity when Clive and Bozzio tried to get him on drug charges– only to find out later how dangerous he actually is. Of course, my heart breaks for Peyton, but storywise this could potentially be a great development. Peyton has always been a bit on the outskirts and I’m glad they gave her a very personal reason to be involved in the plot to take Blaine down.

The episode also notably snuck in a quick Kristen Bell cameo. She was the narrator of the audiobook version of Grace’s novel. It was a fun little moment and also gives me an excuse to bring up how eager I am for them to get Martin Starr on this show. You’ve made me wait long enough, Rob Thomas!


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