14 Days of Valentine’s Day Episodes: Cry to Me (Cougar Town)


We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day by looking at 14 different Valentine’s Day episodes from a variety of shows. Today we’re looking at “Cry to Me” from Cougar Town. Let’s take a look at this episode by going over its five most romantic pairings.

1. Jules & Grayson

Jules feels like Grayson doesn’t open up to her enough and tries to get him to talk to her about his father passing two years prior. She insists that he’s too withdrawn, but he points out that he does try to open up with her. When Ellie asked him to talk about his dad, he just said he didn’t want to talk about it. When Jules asked, he managed to say, “He was pretty cool.” It’s a very sweet little plot about two very different people learning to understand each other.

2. Ellie & Andy

Ellie insists that she doesn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s Day. But, when she thinks Andy is actually not doing anything for her, she admits she’s disappointed. He reveals that he actually planned an evening of drinking and destroying the neighbors’ holiday decorations that have been left up too long. It’s exactly what Ellie wanted.

3. Travis & Kirsten

Kirsten asks Travis to take a sexy picture. He thinks she wants a naked picture and goes through a lot of stress and embarrassment taking it. It turns out she just wanted a picture of him looking nice, but she’s happy that he went through so much for her.

4. Travis & Laurie

Travis and Laurie are years away from starting their romance at this point. But the future spouses do show what great friends they are. Travis listens to Laurie complain about her problems and Laurie helps Travis with his present for Kirsten.

5. Bobby & Andy

Since Ellie said that she didn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s Day, Andy asks Bobby to be his date instead. They spend the evening playing penny can at a fancy restaurant. Obviously, it’s adorable.


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