14 Days of Valentine’s Day Episodes: I’m With Cupid (King of the Hill)


We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day by looking at 14 different Valentine’s Day episodes from a variety of shows. Today we’re looking at “I’m with Cupid” from King of the Hill. Let’s take a look at this episode by going over its five most romantic pairings.

1. Bobby & Connie

Early in this episode, we see Bobby and Connie being comfortable with each other and how sweet their friendship is even after their break up. Unfortunately, Bobby starts panicking about being alone after spending too much time with Bill, who says a lot of stuff like, “More wings. At least if you’re feeling full, you’re feeling something.” He ends up embarrassing himself and making Connie uncomfortable with his increasingly desperate attempts to win her back. But, despite the “ick” of it all, it’s episodes like this one that make Bobby and Connie as strong a TV couple as they were. They feel things too hard and are easily led astray. With all the panic and confusion, you understand how miraculous the moments when they do actually connect are. It’s one of the best portrayals I’ve seen of a middle school relationship. Just sweet enough, but with plenty of realism.

2. Hank & Peggy

Hank and Peggy put on their best cowboy and cowgirl duds and go to a dancing competition. Their enthusiasm is absolutely adorable. Afterwards, Hank tells her, “Well, we may not have won the contest, but at least it was kind of romantic– you and me against the world and all.”

3. Dale & Nancy

He got her a cow’s heart. He’s excited about it. It’s the thought that counts.

4. Joseph & Sharice

Joseph is usually creepy and weird, but for once he managed to play it cool and actually scored a date with Sharice. Way to not blow it, Joseph.

5. Bobby & Debby

Bobby eventually learns not to let himself get obsessed with one person and to accept that rejection will happen. After learning these lessons, he runs into a girl who he seems to hit it off with.


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