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Model Misty Mason recently joined me for a Q&A styled interview with Pop Culture Spin. With almost 230,000 Instagram followers, Misty has a significant platform that’s highly deserved when looking at her versatile modeling portfolio. Her photos are striking due to her grace in front of the camera and alluring body art. Beyond that, following Misty would be perfect timing since she just created a YouTube channel and is sure to continue being part of excellent modeling work in the future.

Pop Culture Spin: Misty, thank you for answering some of my questions for this Pop Culture Spin interview. I’m always interested in how people began their professions – why was modeling the one for you?
Misty: I don’t think there was ever a doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a model, it just took me a lot longer than most to gain enough confidence to pursue it. It took me years of working in the wrong jobs to finally realize that my own happiness was dependent on myself and no one else.

PCS: If you weren’t a model, would there be any other career paths you’d have an interest in doing?
Misty: No. This is it for me… Models are objects of beauty, but if you think they are only good at being “ridiculously good-looking”, you’re out of your mind! When you work in an industry where others are inspired and love you without even knowing you personally, you begin to realize the sheer power you hold. If you’re smart enough, you’ll use that power for the greater good and help others. There is so much I can do and be with this career path and guess what– It can be anything!

PCS: During the early parts of your career, were you ever anxious in front of the camera or was the confidence always there?
Misty: I was extremely nervous. You have to be in control of your mind and let go of your body when it comes to modeling. Dancers are perfect examples of this. They make any choreographed routine look effortless but the real truth is that it often takes months of practice to perfect. The fluidity comes with extreme patience and skill. Modeling may come across as a stupid job to some, but it’s really tough, you know. To be a great model or actor even, you must gain perspective of your emotions and how you react not internally but physically. Facial expressions, gestures, mannerisms, poses– these all come naturally. To be able to capture it on camera and work closely with your photographer makes you vulnerable. Most people do not like to feel exposed when it comes to their emotional self.

PCS: Fans will instantly notice your tattoos when looking at your work. Do you have a favorite piece of ink in particular or are they all equally special?
Misty: Currently, I love my new wolf tattoo on my right hand by Miryam Lumpini.

PCS: Has being a model with tattoos caused any criticism or not at all? I consider tattoos on a model to be totally fine but I wonder if others have voiced a problem with it.
Misty: Here are my thoughts on models with tattoos: You are a creature unlike any other. With or without body art, each human is not created the same. I believe that art is sacred. I believe models with tattoos are the models of the future. Whether you want to believe it or not, tattoos are a luxury. When someone has an insane amount of body art, I can guarantee you they spent a great deal of money & time to have those.

PCS: Your Instagram page features pictures with a range of styles and vibes to them. Is versatility with your work something you strive for?
Misty: Absolutely. I’ve rebranded my Instagram a few times throughout the years because I am constantly reinventing myself. If you’re not in motion, you’re standing still.

PCS: What do you consider the biggest success or honor you’ve had so far in your career? Feel free to name multiple if one is too hard to pick.
Misty: I feel like my biggest career moment thus far has been reaching the following I have today. That alone speaks mountains to me. I feel very blessed.

PCS: The website linked on your Facebook page has a section where you feature blog posts, so I assume writing is another passion of yours?
Misty: Yes it is! I have always loved being able to connect with others through my inner voice. I am currently working with a great design team to revamp my site and blog. It’s going to be absolutely fantastic this next chapter. I’ll be traveling, blogging, exploring, eating– I want to take you all with me!

PCS: Thank you again for spending this time with Pop Culture Spin. I hope you continue to have success doing creative and sophisticated modeling projects. In closing, can you please share where fans can follow and connect with you online?
Misty: Thank you for having me on board what an honor! You can all follow me and my colorful world on IG, Twitter, & Snapchat: @xxbleedgoldxx, Facebook is Misty Mason-Bleed Gold, YouTube: Misty Mason & of course www.xxbleedgoldxx.com


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