The Flash Review: 2.13: Welcome to Earth-2


On this week’s episode of The Flash, Barry, Cisco and Harry traveled to Earth-2. The episode concept filled the episode with some much-needed fun and made this easily the best episode of the season. And, thankfully, they’re still in Earth-2 at the end of the episode, so we’ll be getting more alternate universe shenanigans next week.

The fun DC easter eggs began with the journey between worlds. Jay told them that they’d be seeing “everything” as they traveled and, in fact, we got glimpses of Gorilla City, Supergirl, the 1990s version of The Flash and Legion. Once they arrived at Earth-2, we got a mention of Mayor Snart. (I hope it’s Lisa). And we got to see Singh as a criminal. (Safe to assume he’s dating Hartley in that universe, right?). Iris is a cop and her partner is Deadshot. That was a fun surprise, although I would’ve loved to see Earth-2 Eddie. A shot of Earth-2 Barry’s phone showed that he has Bruce, Hal and Diana on speed dial.

In addition to all the little touches, there were some great major set pieces on Earth-2 as well. Barry’s phone call with his mother was a great touch of human emotion amid all the action and humor of this episode.

Cisco got to meet a supervillain version of himself who goes by Reverb. Reverb’s instant affection for Cisco was great. I enjoyed watching him try to get Cisco to turn to the darkside and the fact that Cisco was, of course, not seriously tempted.

The plotline back on Earth-1 was much less interesting. A metahuman with earthquake powers was on the loose and Jay had to decide whether or not to inject himself with temporary power in order to fight him.

And, unfortunately, Barry continues to be a frustrating protagonist in all universes. He quickly abandoned saving Jesse– the reason they traveled to Earth-2 in the first place– to be with Iris while Joe was in the hospital. Despite the fact that this wasn’t actually helpful and he was the one who was keeping Earth-2 Iris’ real husband unconscious. He even dared to lecture Harry on the importance of family when he was the one who was putting off helping Harry’s daughter.


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