14 Days of Valentine’s Day Episodes: First Girlfriends’ Club (Boy Meets World)


Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time to finish our countdown of Valentine’s Day episodes with one that will please both romantics and cynics. It’s “First Girlfriends’ Club” from Boy Meets World. Let’s examine this episode by taking a look at the five most romantic pairings.

1. Shawn Hunter & Angela Moore

Shawn’s exes try to convince Angela that Shawn will inevitably hurt her, it’s just the type of guy he is. Angela has faith in Shawn. But, Shawn takes what his exes say to heart and realizes he might not be ready for a relationship. He takes responsibility for a change and tells Angela they should make a strong foundation of friendship first. He tells her, “I don’t wanna end up saying things that I don’t mean, and I don’t wanna end up making a promise that I can’t keep. Not to you.”

2. Cory Matthews & Topanga Lawrence

I know they break up in this episode because she finds out that he cheated, but c’mon they’re still Cory and Topanga. Cory starts off cocky about the strength of their relationship and is excited about recreating their first date, proudly calling it the teen years equivalent of renewing their vows. They have some serious talks in this episode and, in the end, Topanga needs time apart, but Cory holds onto hope for their relationship and says that love doesn’t require you to be perfect.

3. Eric Matthews & Jennifer Bassett

Most guys are scared of Jennifer in this episode and it’s refreshing that Eric immediately realizes she’s a babe.

4. Shawn Hunter & Cory Matthews

Even the women who hate Shawn readily admit that he is capable of truly loving one person– Cory, of course.

5. Alan Matthews & Amy Matthews 

Cory’s parents are not especially romantic in this episode, but Alan does give her a bunch of cash. Works for me.


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