The Best TV Couples Right Now


Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re celebrating by taking a look at the best TV couples right now. Love is on the air.

10. Edgar & Dorothy (You’re the Worst

Edgar started the last season of You’re the Worst as the pinnacle of lonely desperation. But, it took a surprising turn when they actually introduced a woman who appreciates him. Dorothy got to finally be with someone who’s sweet and earnest and treats her right.

9. Ruby & Sapphire (Steven Universe)

The episodes that focus on Ruby and Sapphire are some of the most beautiful and insightful episodes of Steven Universe. “The Answer” is a stunning look at how love overcomes adversity. “Keystone Motel” is a nice look at the importance of communication.

8. Dylan & Emma (Bates Motel

When Bates Motel first started, poor Emma was head-over-heels for Norman. But, when her attention turned to Dylan, she found a love that was actually requited and a source of support.

7. Cory & Topanga (Girl Meets World)

Usually you only get to see a beloved TV relationship grow up and raise a kid together in fanfiction. But, Girl Meets World has allowed us to watch Cory and Topanga continue their love story every week. They have just as much chemistry and easy rapport as ever.

6. Mike & Rachel (Suits)

Mike and Rachel are being put to the test right now and the fact that they have such huge obstacles to overcome just makes Suits a more rewarding viewing experience. They’re as adorable and sexy as ever, but we also have to watch them pull together to make tough decisions.

5. Oliver & Felicity (Arrow)

After what felt like an excruciatingly long will-they-won’t-they, Arrow actually delivered a great on-screen couple. By every measure, whether it’s sexy chemistry or the way they talk things out together or joke around, they’re a joy to watch.

4. Jimmy & Gretchen (You’re the Worst

The first season of You’re the Worst gave us one of the most sharply written, perfect romances on TV. The second season went deeper into what it means to be a committed couple, to great effect. Some people consider it the anti-romcom, but it’s actually about a beautiful, strong romance. If anything, it’s a fantasy disguised as a cautionary tale.

3. Jake & Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Jake and Amy was a textbook perfect execution of a will-they-won’t-they. Brooklyn Nine-Nine clearly learned from every sitcom that came before. Now that Jake and Amy are actually together, the couple has to live up to the courtship. It has not disappointed in this regard. They have an easy chemistry, while still tackling enough problems that we get to see them grow.

2. Jessica & Louis (Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat delivered one of the best sitcom marriages I’ve seen right out of the gate. It’s wonderful that the show rarely pits them against each other and instead we get to see them on the same page, tackling problems together while being adorable and funny and just about perfect.

1. Bob & Linda (Bob’s Burgers)

There is something so special about Bob’s Burgers. It makes the relationships feel so real and so effortlessly wonderful. The way Bob and Linda laugh at each other’s jokes, know each other’s disgusting habits and roll with whatever the other throws at them feels refreshing and impresses me every week.


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