The Flash Review: 2.14: Escape from Earth-2


Last night’s episode of The Flash sadly concluded their Earth-2 shenanigans, at least for now. It was a solid episode, but hurt by how predictable and straightforwad the plot was, culminating in a moment where Barry Allen is suddenly fast enough to get through his glass cage solely because the episode had hit the 35-minute mark. Barry literally receiving a pep talk from himself felt like the inevitable product of everything this show has been doing.

The version of Barry and Iris West from Earth-2 got a lot of screentime and seeing a Barry/Iris dynamic like this was refreshing– and made me sad about the version we’re stuck with. Even though this version of Barry is ill-equipped to fight evil, Iris allowed him to make his own choice in joining her on her dangerous rescue mission. It stung a little knowing how that plays out when the situation is reversed.

The episode set up an interesting situation with the masked man that Zoom has imprisoned. Barry promised he’d come back to rescue him, at great risk to himself. I’m excited to see more of the side of Barry that will go on dangerous missions to protect near strangers. (As opposed to the vengeance or ego driven person we’ve been getting a lot of this season).

The arc with Killer Frost was a bit predictable– of course she suddenly decides to help them at the most necessary moment– but was still a sweet little arc that validated Cisco Ramon’s belief in humanity.

The episode ended with the apparent death of Jay Garrick. He wasn’t adding a lot to the show, but I’m pretty torn up on behalf of Caitlin Snow. Seriously, why must this show make her lose the man she’s with so many times? It hasn’t helped developed her character, it only sticks her in the same state of grieving over and over.


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