Fire Performer/Model Georgina Hornsby Joins PCS For Q&A


As a fire performer, model, and fitness enthusiast, Georgina Hornsby clearly represents the UK strongly with her abilities. My Pop Culture Spin interview with her is especially exciting since this marks the first ever PCS Q&A with a fire performer. Unsurprisingly, controlling flames was one of the topics we discussed in addition to her modeling work and fitness passion throughout our interview. Read my Q&A with Georgina below in the newest PCS collaboration with a creative professional.

Pop Culture Spin: Georgina, thank you for having this Q&A with me/Pop Culture Spin. To start our interview, what resulted in you becoming a fire performer?
Georgina: I started out as a freestyle stage/podium dancer and it kind of flowed from there. First I learnt to stilt walk and in a few months I was running up and down the stairs on those bad boys and then I thought hey why not spit some fire and before you know it I’m putting out flames in my mouth :)

PCS: So to ready yourself for an event, how much practice and rehearsing do you conduct ahead of time to be prepared for a fire performance?
Georgina: I think practise and perfection just comes with time, obviously at first I was crazy nervous and now it’s just second nature. I have to prepare safety wise of course but as for myself I love the vibes and buzz and I’m quite confident I’m a good performer so it all just comes naturally.

PCS: I’m not super familiar with this world which is why I’m asking this question – is the danger level exceptionally high or do you have enough control over the flames that you always feel safe?
Georgina: I guess if you’re inexperienced then yes the danger is extremely high I mean it’s flames and flammable substances. I have to have insurance and do risk assessments etc but I’m confident I take all the right safety precautions and I’ve been doing it for 8 years so I’m pretty knowledgeable on the health and safety aspect.

PCS: You’re also a model, dancer, and regular gym-goer in addition to what we’ve already discussed. From all of these areas, do you have a greatest passion or are they appreciated equally?
Georgina: Yes I love love love the gym!!!!!! I started training 3 years ago and love bodybuilding, I mean it’s amazing watching your body transform into something you never knew could happen!!! Modelling is fairly new for me its only been over the past few years so I still get nervous but the photographers I’ve worked with are great and make you feel super confident. They’re all a massive passion of mine and I’m incorporating them all into my future work!

PCS: What would you say is your style as a model?
Georgina: My style as a model is definitely fitness/alternative. I think it’s a unique look as I try and go for both aspects which gives a little edge!

PCS: As you just mentioned, you seem unique in that you have an enticing look with the tattoos but also a fitness friendly body. Would you say this aspect is one of your strong points?
Georgina: I guess the above answers this question too, yes I would say the fitness & tattoos bounce off each other well and give me a unique style and look (well I hope so anyway).

PCS: Are you the type who almost goes to the gym every day or do you find time for break periods and off days?
Georgina: Yes I go to the gym 5/6 days a week BUT I can’t stress enough how important rest days are!!!!!! Your body needs time to recover and rest or else there’s almost no point in training. Your body grows as you recover! Eat, train, sleep, repeat!!

PCS: Is health/fitness modeling something you plan to incorporate into your work more in the future given your passion for exercising?
Georgina: Yes 100% it is something I’m going to incorporate into my future work. I have some exciting things lined up for 2016 so let’s see what this year brings.

PCS: You mentioned 2016 – what can fans expect to see from you in the fire performance and modeling worlds this year?
Georgina: I am currently working on a few projects including my website and YouTube launch so keep tuned to find out!

PCS: Thank you again for the interview, Georgina. For those intrigued by you and interested in showing support going forward, where can they follow/connect with you on social media?
Georgina: My Instagram is – georginahornsbyy (double ‘y’) and my Twitter is @georginahornsby


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