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Sarah Ve does such an impressive range of work that it’s difficult to summarize her with a single job title. From makeup artistry to designing, modeling to jewelry making, she constantly has artistic projects in the works. Sarah’s body itself is an artistic project on its own – an aspect of her individuality that I inquired about during our interview. We also touched on the various creative areas that she’s found herself in. Check out my Q&A with Sarah below as she discusses her career with Pop Culture Spin.

Pop Culture Spin: Sarah, thank you for having this Q&A with me through Pop Culture Spin. I’d like to begin our interview by asking how did you get your start as a model?
Sarah: I would have to say it was totally accidental. I am a makeup artist from film and television, I was on a shoot where the model neglected to show up, after waiting for a while the production team asked me to step up as the model. After that I decided to continue on with it!

PCS: Your Instagram page mentions that you’re Canadian. Can you talk about where you’re from and how your experience has been having an international platform?
Sarah: I am from a small city in Northern Ontario called Sudbury, I travel quite often but am always happy to have my home base, I was living in Toronto for a few years where my closest friends are however I moved back to Sudbury for the film and television industry. It’s nice to be residing in Sudbury because it has a small town vibe and I feel relaxed and at home.

PCS: What are the stories or inspirations behind some of your tattoos?
Sarah: My wolf chest piece represents my spirit animal (the wolf) done by Polly Hatter from Deluxe Custom Tattoos and my Sailor Moon thigh piece, Sailor Moon was one of my favourite shows growing up! (I still to this day want to be a moon princess). Done by Denise Prevost at Live Once Tattoo.

PCS: You’ve been featured in numerous magazines. How does it feel to have been honored so frequently?
Sarah: It feels good to have my hard work pay off! It has been about 8 months since I have been really hitting the industry hard but will be back up and running this summer!

PCS: Is it rewarding to be not only recognized for your beauty, but also the beauty and power of your body art?
Sarah: To be honest, the beauty aspect of the industry isn’t what is rewarding to me, no matter what you produce there will always be someone who dislikes the end result. If you are waiting to feel justification from a jury you won’t always feel so rewarded in the end. For me the reward is in the people I meet daily who are curious about my art work, the reward is in the people I meet in the industry!

PCS: I see that in addition to being a model you’re a designer, makeup artist, jewelry maker, and more. Is it hard to manage juggling all of your talents?
Sarah: It can be very stressful and I am at the beginning stages when it comes to branding my designs, art and makeup are my passion and I have been very lucky to meet many amazing people and actors in the film industry. Funny enough I have added landlord onto that list! I will be purchasing my first apartment building this year!

PCS: Anyone who dabbles in a variety of projects like you is obviously creative. What do you think is the source of your creativity?
Sarah: I come from a family of artists, my grandfather was a beautiful painter and a radio personality, my mother was an artist and my father was a photographer, his photography is up all over my house! My sister is a dancer and I sort of just turned myself into art work and express it through many mediums.

PCS: What’s the process of jewelry making like – is it difficult/time consuming to get the final product the way you envisioned it?
Sarah: For me I have to be in a specific mood, I can go for months without feeling creative and then BOOM! Out of nowhere I have the urge to create and I will be up for days just making new things. Then in a flash it’s gone again. When I’m designing the time for me doesn’t matter I never really pay attention.

PCS: Are there any additional fields you’d like to add to your arsenal or are you fully content with everything already on your plate?
Sarah: Absolutely, I am the queen of ADHD and am constantly wanting to fill my cup with knowledge and experience! For right now I am going to focus on branding Ve couture and myself. I see “Ve” as an umbrella company. Ve the designer, Ve the makeup artist, who knows what else!

PCS: I appreciate your answers, thank you again for having this interview and bringing readers into your world. For the fans and people interested in supporting you, where can they connect with and follow you online?
Sarah: Thank you so much! I loved answering your questions! You can follow me on IG at Sarah_ve or Ve.couture and my blog on Tumblr Sarahve16


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