The Flash Review: 2.15: King Shark


This week’s episode of The Flash was one of the most solid episodes of the season and played to the show’s strength. A straighforward metahuman of the week plot with King Shark provided a good structure and there were some nice emotional moments between the characters.

Plus, Lyla and John Diggle showed up! They are a perfect couple and it’s always nice when we actually get to see scenes of them together. They fit right in on this show and I’ll always enjoy Diggle being the one person who’s consistently amazed by Barry’s power.

Joe and Iris sensed that Barry was acting strangely this week and he eventually told them about getting the Earth-2 version of Joe killed. I’ll always enjoy Barry taking responsibility for things and he had another good speech at the end of this episode. His character development in the last few episodes might be too little too late, but at least they’re trying to make him properly heroic.

Barry also told Iris about the Earth-2 version of herself being a cop. It would be interesting if this led to her returning to her previous interest in becoming one. Her journalism career was written in such a sloppy way that I’ve never been invested in it and being a cop was her lifelong dream.

It was great seeing Harry Wells and Jesse Quick working together and getting along. I expected her to lash out at him more after being trapped on Earth-1 and seeing the opposite was a refreshing pay off to everything he went through to be reunited with her.

This episode also had Cisco Ramon worrying that Caitlin Snow could potentially turn into Killer Frost. (Even though the Eart-2 version of himself was also evil). Caitlin reassured him it would never happen, but who knows what’s coming later on.


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