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Model Diana Levy joined me on behalf of Pop Culture Spin for a Q&A. She does a range of work that’s spanned across areas such as appearances in music videos, acting, and fitness modeling. Read my interview with Diana below in Pop Culture Spin’s latest collaboration with someone you should be following.

Pop Culture Spin: Diana, thank you for spending some time with Pop Culture Spin. To begin our interview, what drew you to the modeling field and how long have you been doing it?
Diana: Thank you very much for having me. It actually all just fell on my lap. I was going to school for criminal justice and working at Hooters at the time where I met “Joel Alvarez from Venge Media.” He told me let me take some pictures of you. And the rest was history. Its been 7 or 8 years since then.

PCS: What are some of the aspects of this profession that you most enjoy?
Diana: Meeting new people for sure. Going to places and experiencing things I’ve never seen before. It just has opened my eyes to so many other good things in life. Am very grateful for everything that has put me where I am today.

PCS: Your Facebook page mentions that you live in Miami, Florida. Is this still where you’re based?
Diana: Yes Miami is my hometown, moved here 14 years ago from Caracas, Venezuela.

PCS: It seems like fitness is a passion of yours but you do more than just fitness modeling. How would you describe the type of overall work you’ve done in your career?
Diana: Yeah fitness is definitely my passion. It keeps me balanced. But really I started working on music videos. I did so many when I first started modeling it’s crazy. Worked with Pitbull, Lil Wayne, Jeremih, Rick Ross, the list goes on. I also work for different types of worldwide boutiques and currently trying to cross over to acting.

PCS: As an active person on your Instagram account, how has your experience been interacting with or scanning the comments of your followers?
Diana: Amazing. Am always bragging on how my followers are the best, always very nice and friendly. I get the common hater from time to time but it’s usually really rare and I just block. I don’t want any kind of negativity on my page, am all about peace and love and understanding each other.

PCS: You also state on your IG page that you’re involved in acting. Can you talk about your aspirations in this area?
Diana: I would actually love to work on tv and have my own show or do novelas I don’t know something where my personality can shine through. I’ve just always loved being behind the camera. Always been shy but as soon as they yell action for me it’s the best feeling!

PCS: Has acting been a lifelong dream of yours?
Diana: Always thought about it, never had the balls. Excuse my language. Definitely matured and ready for what’s to come. 

PCS: Are you eventually hoping to focus solely on one or the other between modeling/acting or are you interested in each field long term?
Diana: I feel like acting is something I would love to do long term. Regarding modeling if it’s something that’s going to benefit me I will continue to do so no doubt.

PCS: Do you have any exciting projects in the works or on the horizon here in 2016?
Diana: A couple of things in the books. Regarding clothing, fitness, health… Just stay tuned!

PCS: Thank you again for the interview and discussing your career, Diana. To finish our Q&A, can you please share where readers can find you on social media?
Diana: No problem, thanks again for having me and being interested in who I am.

Instagram: @Levydiana

YouTube: Diana k levy

Facebook: Diana k levy


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