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Karlee Jane is a unique individual. Be it her modeling work, photography style, or extensive tattoo game that features one hovering above her left eyebrow, most of what Karlee does stands out creatively. I had the opportunity to discuss her artistic fields in addition to her ink in a Q&A styled interview. Read my back and forth with Karlee below – she’s definitely someone you won’t be forgetting.

Pop Culture Spin: Karlee, thank you for joining my website on this interview. To start, can you talk about your background regarding how you got into modeling?
Karlee: It began when I moved to LA for the Art Institute of Hollywood around 2010. My classmates (photo majors) would ask me to help out for a project and be the subject. It was only being seen by classmates & I felt comfortable, so I thought “why not”.

I later made a Model Mayhem account & would book shoots around LA & share them on my social media accounts (pre-Instagram), the rest grew from that point forward including my self confidence, and image/aesthetic.

PCS: Was being a model a goal you had growing up or something that grew into a possible reality later in life?
Karlee: Never!! To be quite honest, I was always artistically inclined, so I knew I wanted to do something within those realms.

I spent my childhood & teen years painting, writing, making or altering clothes.

In all honesty I envisioned myself as a clothing designer, who knows, maybe someday I’ll get around to that.

PCS: Everything your photos capture feels raw and eye opening. What do you think has allowed your photo shoot work to come alive the way it does?
Karlee: I let my passions consume me. When I’m modeling, or shooting or creating, I put my entire soul, being, experiences, into my photographs. I want people to see past a tattooed model, and see something they relate to… tattooed or not.

It’s strange to show vulnerability to a world that’s been desensitized. At the end of the day, I’m a real human, going through the same motions as all other beings.

PCS: You also delve into photography. How would you assess the different vibes when it comes to being on both sides of the camera?
Karlee: You start to see things differently being on both sides. You break it down to an eye, frame, lighting. Its allowed me to be more open minded & be able to understand and appreciate the composition/style of the photographers I’m working with.

PCS: Your IG page has a link that leads to some shirts with you featured on them. How did this idea come to life and are you planning on doing more clothing projects in the future?
Karlee: Wetcommerce.com approached me with the idea to begin printing my photos to sell on their site, we worked out a deal, finalized the images and bam! I’ve partenered with other brands before, but these are my newest collaboration tees.

You can find more of my tees on Alwayswatching.bigcartel.com & WrektSvpply.com!

PCS: I always appreciate the stories people have about their tattoos. What are the origins behind some of yours, in particular the “Faith” tat above your left eye?
Karlee: I was raised within a family that always “believed” in a sense, to put complete trust, confidence or belief into the universe, your path, and your journey. I live by Faith. It was a bold decision to put it above my eyebrow, but I couldn’t imagine myself without it at the end of the day. I don’t allow it to define me. I always forget it’s there until someone asks “Did it hurt?” lol

PCS: Does anyone ever look at you sideways because of your ink or have you found that people just roll with it more so nowadays?
Karlee: It’s 50/50! Also depends where in this world. I’m currently in bigger cities that have too much going on to pay too much attention to things like tattoos/appearance. Guess that’s why I love NYC so much. I get way more comments/questions on the internet, I’m sure there’s an intimidation factor when it’s face to face. Tattoos are becoming more accepted with time & the largely growing sharing methods of social media. I’m stoked it’s hitting the main stream, I’ve been waiting since I started collecting 10 years ago.

PCS: I noticed that on your other IG page dedicated to your photography work, you mention being a “creative versatile stylist.” How have you managed to find yourself in such a variety of fields?
Karlee: They’re all seperated adjectives, haha. I think outside of the box, I like shooting different styles, experimenting with new lighting techniques, sometimes it’s rad, sometimes it’s not. But it’s all a learning experience. Apart from shooting these sets, I’m a certified makeup artist, I do that freelance as well. As for styling, I’ve always loved the fashion world, & putting together ensembles. I can dress others better than I can dress myself.

PCS: When it comes to modeling, photography, and everything else you immerse yourself in, what can fans expect to see from you throughout this 2016 year?
Karlee: This year is all about travel for me! I’ll be hitting different major cities and collaborating w/ tons of other creatives. Hopefully releasing the coffee table photography book I’ve been working on, new shoots & new adventures!

PCS: Thank you again for taking out this time. I appreciate you talking about your passions with us at Pop Culture Spin. Lastly, can you please state where those interested can follow you online?
Karlee: Thanks for everything Pop Culture Spin!

You can follow me on:

Online store: http://karleeejaneee.bigcartel.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karleeejaneee/

Snapchat: * KarleeJanee13 *

Tumblr: karlee-jane.tumblr.com


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