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Model JB Caroline recently joined me for a Pop Culture Spin interview. I reached out to her since I thought her vibe had a special quality to it, and I was also interested by the fact that JB has built something of a following even though she doesn’t post on Instagram often. Social media was one of the topics we discussed – others were her background, favorite type of work, and more. Check out my Q&A with JB below.

Pop Culture Spin: Thank you for joining my website on this interview. To start, when did you first get into modeling?
JB: I started at 14, I was signed to an acting and modeling agency until I was 18, I didn’t do much with in the agency just go to a few auditions where I was ridiculed most of the time I hated it I really couldn’t wait until I was released from my contract.

PCS: Where are you from originally and was modeling always a goal of yours from back in the day?
JB: I’m originally from East Los Angeles, although I have moved a lot around LA I always go back to East LA. Modeling was never even an option for me, I was never the pretty girl, I was always the weird kid who sat all the way in the back of the room with my big curly hair wearing my second hand clothes, I never even thought of myself as a pretty girl boys never liked me or looked my way I always struggled with weight and other things, modeling just never even crossed my mind.

PCS: Your Instagram page shows a range of photo shoot work you’ve done – some shoots look sophisticated, others look gritty, but all stand out no matter what the style is… How would you put into words the work you’ve done to this point in your career?
JB: I’ve done commercial shoots, commercial prints, but I never post any on my Instagram. What everyone sees on my page have been shoots I’ve created with whoever I’ve shot with, what I show in a way are my alter egos, I’ve always struggled finding the right words to say when people have tried to get to know me or figure me out, I can’t express myself at times and I’m misunderstood very often, so who I am or want to be I try and create in pictures.

PCS: You’ve managed to get an IG following going even though you don’t post that frequently. Would you say people are interested because when you do post the work is usually powerful?
JB: I have never really thought about it, and to this day I don’t really know why people even take interest in me, I don’t find myself to be that much of a beautiful girl, more so weird, I don’t even use Instagram very often because when I have I lose my creativity, my anxiety and depression go off, what I do know although is I’ve made some really good friends through Instagram which I have never even met but I talk to almost everyday.

PCS: Do you like any specific type of modeling over others or are you simply comfortable showing versatility in a variety of places?
JB: I do like showing versatility even if at times I don’t fit the part, I like trying everything and adding a twist.

PCS: How would you assess the overall response people have had both in person and online to your modeling projects?
JB: So far I’ve received positivity, a couple angry people here and there but that’s always fun.

PCS: I’ve noticed you have some words tatted on your body. What does your ink say and mean to you?
JB: I have ” mamahalin kita habang buhay ” on my collar bone which means ” I will love you forever ” This tattoo mean a lot to me it’s dedicated to a special friend who passed away.

On my rib cage I have ” Without Struggle There is No Progress ” as a reminder to myself.

On my right leg I have ” Human beings are members of a whole, in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain other members uneasy will remain. If you have no empathy for the human pain, the name of human you cannot retain ”

This is my favorite tattoo, words I live by.

I also have my fingers tattooed, my feet and wrist but those are just ” one of those ” tattoos haha

PCS: What kind of activities or interests are you into aside from modeling?
JB: Music – I love music, art, painting, poetry, whatever helps me express myself and calm my anxiety. I also love collecting comic books.

PCS: Is there anything coming on the horizon here in 2016 you’d like to promote ahead of time or should readers just wait and see?
JB: The Book does not end until the day i die, if the reader is interested she/he can keep reading :)

PCS: Your time has been appreciated, thank you again for talking with me on Pop Culture Spin’s behalf. Last thing – where can readers follow/connect with you on social media?
JB:  Again thank you so much for taking interest in me, I very much appreciated it.

If intrigued by JB, follow her on Instagram – @jbcaroline


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  1. I’ve been following jb for over a year now and she makes you feel like you have known her all your life when you speak to her, it’s awesome to know why now she just one of us, she sounds very blunt honest and a bit dark here this is why I love her !!!!!!! she’s a perfect voice for girls like us I think she will do great things

    • I do feel like JB’s voice will certainly be an inspiration to people out there who have had similar struggles/obstacles. Glad you appreciated her words in this piece – thank you for reading and supporting!

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