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Pony Wave, as you can likely tell by her name, is far from ordinary. She’s a gifted artist who has seen her talents take her from Russia all the way to Los Angeles here in the states. Beyond the ink she puts on others, Pony Wave is also a model who fits the creative professional/inked beauty figure area of interest I’ve had during my Pop Culture Spin interviews. Check out my Q&A with Pony Wave below and definitely contact her if you’re ever in the LA area looking for a tattoo…

Pop Culture Spin: Pony Wave, thank you for joining my website on this interview. To start, what caused you to make the move from Russia all the way to Los Angeles?
Pony Wave: Each artist is trying to reach the epicentre of the industry. Los Angeles is full of talented people and varieties of interesting projects. This city inspires you and offers you lots of great opportunities. That is why I am here. Russia instilled in me purposefulness and Los Angeles provides me everything to keep growing in the artistic sphere!

PCS: So when you were a child years ago back in Russia, did you have a love for drawing/art work growing up just like you have today?
Pony Wave: I have been painting all my life and I am trying to be fully involved into art. I consider art to be united. There are different ways of expressing yourself and sending the message to the world, but the same idea. That is why an artistic person usually has multiple sides to them, and my parents used to give me all the opportunities to develop my personality without wasting the time.

PCS: What made you interested in the tattoo artist profession?
Pony Wave: I remember the time I used to be interested in music, I even had a music band. It was all about Rock and Roll, and that’s how I found myself as a tattoo artist, same Rock and Roll flow, just one more way of expression. The tattoo industry was a great opening for me and a new challenge.

PCS: Is there a tattooing style you feel the most comfortable doing on clients?
Pony Wave: I admire such tattoo styles as realism and new school, but if you combine them both…it is something unbelievable and cool.

PCS: I see that you’re a vegan. Has this always been the case in your life?
Pony Wave: Veganism is a top part of my lifestyle. At first, I was not involved in it as much but then I got into Veganism more and more. The health of the nation, of our planet, that’s what’s important. And of course being well-educated is no less significant. I think that the only way to find out the truth is to doubt.

PCS: You also mention on your Instagram page that you’re an illustrator. What kind of projects do you create in this area?
Pony Wave: Now I am working on creating different print designs for clothes and I am looking forward to starting my own design line.

PCS: I believe part of your strength as a model is that your naturally innocent look contrasts with your heavy ink. Would you agree that this makes your vibe unique?
Pony Wave: Being natural, that’s what makes us unique. I like when a tattoo is meaningful, when it entirely captures the personality and reveals the inner world. I respect people who create their own image and try to follow it 100%. I know it is super hard, that’s why being natural is my way of expressing myself.

PCS: Is it difficult managing your time between being an artist and a model or do you feel you balance them well?
Pony Wave: I consider myself more as an artist rather than as a model. A good model is like a plasticine, he/she should be able to transform into any image. Modeling is similar to acting techniques, and that’s what I like, it is really interesting not just to be a model but an actress as well. I admire when photos fully reveal your personality, and those photographers who can express and capture my character and my individuality, are so valuable for me. That’s when the shots come out as epic.

PCS: Thank you again for the interview – you have a fascinating journey and I commend the creativity you bring to your fields. Lastly, where can readers follow you on social media and how can clients book you for a tattoo?
Pony Wave: Please follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ponywave/. For booking and cooperation po[email protected]. Also my website is coming soon ponywave.com


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