iZombie Review: 2.15: He Blinded Me… With Science


On this week’s iZombie, Liv Moore ate scientist brains. Her new mind for analytical thinking made her more effective in looking into what Drake is up to and she discovered that he’s working with Mr. Boss. That was one of many great plot points in an episode that really moved this season’s story along, so let’s get into it!

Meanwhile, Blaine DeBeers has reverted back to being a zombie. His delivery of, “Braaaaains. Braaaaains. Kidding. Kind of. I do need brains” was probably the funniest moment of the episode and a fantastic reminder of what a fun character Blaine is.

Ravi Chakrabarti got a little closer to finding the cure for zombie-ism thanks to insights from Liv’s scientist brain. They chose Blaine as the test subject for the new cure. In another great comedic moment, Ravi told Blaine that he was only giving him the cure because he provides the zombie population with brains so they don’t have to kill people themselves. Blaine replied, “So, it’s not the love that dare not speak its name brewing between us?”

Meanwhile, Major Lilywhite confronted Vaughn Du Clark about the fact that he’s been having Gilda spy on Liv. He also asked Vaughn if it was his idea for Gilda to seduce him, before finding out that Gilda is Vaughn’s daughter. The awkwardness of this moment in the midst of all the zombie espionage going on is a perfect example of what a great tone this show has.

Clive Babineaux and Dale Bozzio also discovered a major piece of information this week. They found out that the last brains they sent in for testing were human brains and that the report they read that said the brains were bovine had been tampered with.

This episode also gave us Liv going undercover by doing some intense make up work that allowed her to look human. It was pretty adorable that Ravi was totally creeped out by this look.


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