The Flash Review: 2.16: Trajectory


The Flash returned this week with a solid episode, featuring an interesting villain of the week. Eliza Harmon (guest star Allison Paige) is an ambitious scientist who was friends with Caitlin Snow, but is now hooked on drugs that turn into her a speedster but cloud her judgment.

Meanwhile, Barry Allen is determined to become faster. In the opening sequence, we see how hard he’s training to get faster and stop Zoom. This sets up Barry being very upset when he finds out that Harry Wells and Caitlin knew a way for him to get faster this whole time, although they explain to him how dangerous the drug is.

The training scene at the beginning also leads to everyone realizing they seriously need to blow off steam. Cisco Ramon reminds Barry that taking breaks actually increases productivity, which means we got a nice scene of everyone actually taking a break to go to a club. I always enjoy the moments of downtime on the show and little things like Caitlin and Cisco having fun dancing together were a great touch in this episode. It was also cute seeing Jesse have to beg to come along on the excursion and watching everyone say there’s no way they’d let her drink while underage since her dad would kill them– probably not a hyperbole.

Later, Jesse confronts Harry about how much he’s willing to do to protect her. Harry shows no signs of remorse and says that protecting her is more important than anything. Jesse tells him that maybe this shouldn’t be. It’s one of the more interesting, emotionally rich scenes of the season so far.

At the end of the episode, the lightning around Eliza turned blue like the lightning around Zoom, so Barry and the rest of the team at STAR Labs put it together that it’s possible Jay Garrick is actually Zoom. Of course, Caitlin doesn’t want to believe it’s possible.


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