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Lady Misfit is someone you likely won’t forget after coming across her. She has multiple eye catching tattoos, modeling work that classifies as striking, and presents an overall vibe that is memorable. In this Pop Culture Spin interview, Lady Misfit is the latest creative individual to discuss her career with my website. Read our Q&A below and don’t miss the chance to follow Lady Misfit on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Lady Misfit, thank you for having this interview with my website. To start our back and forth, when did you know modeling was for you?
Lady Misfit: I started modeling a couple of years ago really just as a hobby and to see if I would even like it or not. As I started doing it, I kept getting asked to do more and more projects and I thought, “maybe I can do more with this than I originally thought I could.” It started progressing quickly and I discovered more and more about my potential and I just fell in love with it.

PCS: When it comes to having a quality photo shoot, do you tend to think deeply about your actions in front of the camera or do you try not to think at all?
Lady Misfit: I think the best pictures are the ones that are free flowing. When you overthink it, it shows. However, practicing poses and learning more about your body and being aware of your body is a great tool.

PCS: The name most know you as, Lady Misfit, definitely has an edge to it. What led to you adopting this title?
Lady Misfit: Oddly enough, it came about from several influences. My ex’s nickname was Misfit and it was originally kind of a joke about me being his girlfriend, “Lady Misfit”. Also, a reference to the band The Misfits and overall a reference to my personality, it just kind of stuck.

PCS: I don’t believe there’s a soul on this earth who could question the fact that you have a cool vibe. Is this raw authenticity something people seem to appreciate about what you offer?
Lady Misfit: I definitely think so. I am certainly my own breed and I make no apologies for that. I really like to show people that you can go against the grain and be who you want and say what you feel, but still strive to be a good person and an intelligent person.

PCS: So as a tattooed model, are there certain agencies/photographers that are more interested in working with inked individuals such as yourself and others that won’t usually book you because of your tattoos?
Lady Misfit: Yes and no. I think that tattoos have really made their way into a lot of industries and have become so much more acceptable than in the past. I think the key for me isn’t so much to be a “tattoo model” but simply a model that happens to have tattoos. Some photographers are just more mainstream than others and that’s fine. Everyone has their own styles. Finding photographers to shoot with is like finding a potential partner. You have to complement each other.

PCS: I dig the heart piece by your left eye. Do people ever judge you for having a face/head tat or do they seem to be accepting of it?
Lady Misfit: For the most part, people seem to actually like it more than I would expect. I think because the heart is “cute” and “girly”.

PCS: What other tattoos that you display are you the fondest of?
Lady Misfit: My absolute favorite tattoo I have is “Red Rum” on the back of my thighs. The Shining is one of my favorite movies. I’m a huge fan of anything with a dark twist.

PCS: Many rightfully believe being a mother is the most important job one can ever have. What’s it been like for you being both a mother and a busy professional on top of it?
Lady Misfit: Having a child for some reason seems to get a lot of judgment because people don’t understand image versus the reality of my life. How I look in a picture is not who I am as a parent and my son always comes first no matter what. It’s been very hard, but it’s also been a blessing in disguise. Although, I do not have as much time as I would like to dedicate to my modeling and certain projects I want to do, having my son helps to keep me grounded in an industry where it’s very easy to get derailed.

PCS: I’m sure followers would love to know more about your personality. On that wavelength, what are some of your biggest non-modeling interests?
Lady Misfit: People don’t know this, but I’m a huge nerd. I’m completely obsessed with space and biology and pretty much anything science related. I love to be creative and expressive, but I equally enjoy exercising my brain and constantly learning new things. I’m also a big psychology fanatic. People fascinate me to no end. From serial killers to drug and alcohol abuse. You name it.

PCS: Is 2016 shaping up to be a productive year for you and is there anything special you’d like to mention that’s upcoming?
Lady Misfit: 2016 definitely seems to be my pivotal moment both creatively and mentally/emotionally. I really feel this year I’m starting to come into my own. There’s definitely gonna be some big changes you’ll see from me, but I don’t wanna give anything away. You’ll just have to wait and see ;)

PCS: On behalf of my website, thank you for your time with us – I hope you’ve enjoyed speaking with me. In closing, where can anyone interested connect with/follow you on social media?
Lady Misfit: It’s been a pleasure! The best way to connect with me would be on Instagram @ladyymisfitt or on my Facebook page, Lady Misfit.


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  1. Great interview, glad to know Rosie loves nature. I’m a huge nerd too & I love animals, natural sciences enough I majored in 2 stem fields. Wishing y’all a spectacular 2016.

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