iZombie Review: 2.17: Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be


This week’s iZombie was an exciting episode that moved the series towards next week’s season finale! Liv Moore and Clive Babineaux uncovered serious police corruption, Major Lilywhite let Ravi Chakrabarti in on his Chaos Killer activities and Blaine DeBeers still seems to have amnesia.

The case-of-the-week this week led Liv and Clive to finding out that Detective Lou Benedetto has been using offenders as unofficial C.I.s. As they investigate, we got some great moments between them. Clive isn’t always big on emotions, but him telling Liv she can trust him with anything and him asking with some real concern whether he praises her enough were both stand out moments. When Clive told her that Liv could trust her with almost everything, Liv replied that she has told him almost everything.

Major waking up after he attacked Ravi, who now knows that he’s the Chaos Killer, was as tense and dramatic as this show gets.

Liv is determined to find out more about Drake and even beats up one of Mr. Boss’ goons, although she doesn’t get any information from this.

As usual, the show did a great job balancing the exciting plotline with an overall light and fun tone. The scenes of suddenly clueless Blaine being bossed around by Don E. and Chief were great. But, the best part of Blaine’s amnesia were his interactions with Ravi and Major. I loved him seemingly earnestly asking why he inspires such negative reactions in people.

Everyone is still concerned that Blaine is faking the amnesia, especially Major who wonders if taking the cure would be worth it if he’s going to forget everything about who he is.

The episode also hit a nice emotional beat by having Liv eat the brains of someone with a personality similar to her pre-zombie personality. This allowed her to reflect on how uptight and desperate for praise she used to be. The show really dived in right away to Liv’s life changing completely, so it’s always nice getting a taste of the life she left behind so we can appreciate these changes more.


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