Bates Motel Review: 4.5: Refraction


This week’s Bates Motel was another outstanding episode. The most standout riveting scene was when Norman switched into Norma-mode during a session with Dr. Edwards and started trying to seduce him. Because we don’t yet know a lot about Dr. Edwards and, in general, supporting characters on this show don’t tend to be outstanding people, there was a genuine feeling of suspense. Fortunately, Dr. Edwards not only didn’t take advantage of him, but was surprisingly perceptive about what was happening and began communicating with Norma. This is a huge breakthrough and I’m eager to see where it goes.

This session comes off the heals of Norman seeing a heavily medicated Julian, which triggers a hallucination of his mother, who makes him more skeptical about treatment. This sequence dramatized the feeling of wanting your mental health to improve but being terrified of the unknown coast very well.

Meanwhile, Alex Romero had to deal with Rebecca after she broke into his and Norma’s house looking for the key to Bob Paris’ security box. The scenes of him standing up for Norma were great. He warns her that the D.A. knows who she is and is sniffing around. He gets Rebecca to admit to being the one who broke in and to admit that she’s jealous of his relationship with Norma.

Speaking of Alex and Norma, the scene where he told Norma the truth about killing Bob Paris was another great moment that brought them closer together and sold me on this couple even more.

Dylan Massett and Emma Decody continue to be adorable as their love grows. In an intimate scene, Emma and Dylan show each other their scars. They end up laughing together and being extremely endearing.

Dylan even tried to secure a job in Seattle so they can stay together. At his job interview, he ended up revealing that he’d worked in the marijuana trade in order to convince the interviewer that he was qualified to do this type of work. We’ll see if this bold move pays off.

In the creepiest plotline of the episode, Chick posed as someone who can repair stained glass windows, which gained him Norma’s trust and access to the house. The tension builds throughout this plot until finally Chick demands that she locate Caleb for him so that he can kill him.


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