Author Traevon Malone

Trae Malone is a multifaceted artist with a focused background in alternative music. His professional journey has led him to touring throughout the Untied States as well as overseas. Despite his primary emphasis, he has a deep-rooted love for Hip-Hop and R&B, with an all-encompassing passion for artistic expression in all forms. Having been exposed to music early in the church, joining a local choir as soon as he was of age, Trae had an immediate connection with the creative aspects of making music. This later led to him playing in Punk/Hardcore bands as well as delving into the production/rapping side of Hip-Hop. His insatiable desire to be involved with the innovative process of music and natural love of all facets of art has led him to the lifestyle-branding position at G Pen. Since working with the company, he’s been a part of a creative team that has integrated their brand into the world of fashion and extreme sports with a full scope of colorful collaborations, including the launch of G Pen Radio on Dash, the latest effort of their newest endeavor. Follow Trae Malone on Twitter @thetraemalone.